The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 05.09.1980, Blaðsíða 4

The White Falcon - 05.09.1980, Blaðsíða 4
Movies A. THE LITTLEST HORSE THIEVES—Comedy drama (G). In York- shire, England, in 1909, the Emsdale Colliery is operating at a loss. Its owner plans to replace the pit ponies with machines to haul the coal. Three adventurers rescue the ponies. (Ill min.) B. SOUNDER PART II—Drama (G). This sequel to Sounder once again focuses on that well-loved family, the Morgans. The family is involved with the building of a new school, and the persuading of the teacher to remain as opposed to leaving for a new job in Ohio. (98 min.) C. THE SHAGGY D.A.—Comedy (G). In this update of the popular Shaggy Dog series, Wilby has now grown up to be a lawyer, but his past catches up with him and transforms him into the 'Shaggy D.A.'. Stars Dean Jones and Tim Conway. (92 min.) D. OUTLAW BLUES—Comedy drama (PG). Top Texas recording star James Callahan performs at Huntsville Prison and steals inmate Peter Fonda's song 'Outlaw Blues'. When he is released, Fonda travels to Austin to obtain his rightful royalties. Also stars Susan Saint James. (107 min.) E. MIDNIGHT MADNESS—Comedy (PG). A group of college stu- dents participate in an all-night competition with victory as the only reward. They have to unravel a variety of clues at midnight that will ultimately lead them to the finish line by morning. Stars David Naughton. (112 min.) F. TOM HORN—Western (R). Steve McQueen is hired by Wyo- ming cattlemen to rid the area of rustlers during the early 1900's. He is given the freedom to do the job anyway necessary. Also stars Linda Evans. (98 min.) G. EMPIRE OF THE ANTS—Science fiction (PG). After a col- ony of ants eat radioactive waste, they grow to giant size and go on a rampage. Stars Joan Collins and Robert Lan- sing. (112 min.) II. PINK FLOYD—Concert musical (G). The world famous rock group, Pink Floyd, performs in Pompeii, Italy. Featured is 'Echoes I and II'. (85 min.) I. THE MAGIC OF LASSIE—Comedy drama (G). Lassie returns with an all-star cast for another family adventure. Stars James Stewart, Mickey Rooney, Pernell Roberts and Stephanie Zimbalist. (107 min.) J. POCO...LITTLE LOST DOG—Adventure drama (G). 'Poco' is the story of a little girl and her dog. Poco gets lost, and sets out to find her way home by hitch-hiking along the highway. Stars 'Muffin' and Michelle Ashburn. (96 rain.) K. BEING THERE—Comedy (PG). A bizarre tale of a com- pletely illiterate gardener named Chance (Peter Sellers) who is taken in by a multimillionaire couple (Melvyn Doug- las and Shirley MacLaine) when his employer dies. (130 min.) L. THE SWAP—Drama (R). A young ambitious film maker, Robert DeNiro, captures on film some criminal activity and is murdered. His brother sets out to find the killers. Also stars Jennifer Warren. (84 min.) M. BEDKNOBS & BROOMSTICKS—Fantasy (G). the !JMt In the seasl life of Eglantine English village of Pepperinge Eye, Price abruptly changes when she reluctantly takes in three young waifs from London. Stars Roddy McDowall and Angela Lansbury. (99 min.) N. THE NORTH AVENUE IRREGULARS—Comedy (G). This movie features Cloris Leachman, Karen Valentine, Ruth Buzzi, Susan Clark and Edward Herrmann as parishioners who lead a madcap assault on organized crime, (106 min.) 0. THE WIZ—Musical fantasy (G). Diana Ross stars as Dorothy, Michael Jackson is the scarecrow,Nipsey Russell is the tin man, and Ted Ross is the cowardly lion in this film version of the stage musical. (134 min.) P. GUYANA, CULT OF THE DAMNED—Drama (R). Based on the cult in Guyana that committed mass suicide, this movie stars Stuart Whitman as Jim Johnson, the crazed dictator, and Gene Barry as the congressman who flew to Guyana to in- vestigate him. (90 min.) R. RUSH IT—Drama (PG). Judy Kahan works for Rush It Mes- senger Service. She meets and falls in love with Tom Berenger, an artist who also works for Rush It. (79 min.) S. SILVER STREAK—Comedy (PG). Gene Wilder, Jill Clay- burgh and Richard Pryor star in this film about a mild- mannered publisher in dire need of rest, on a three-day journey from Los Angeles to Chicago that proves anything but restful. (114 min.) T. ANNIE HALL—Comedy (PG). Woody Allen, a New York com- ic, tells of his lost love affair with Diane Keaton, a Wis- consin girl he met at a tennis doubles match. (93 min.) TRY SLEEPING ^ IN A DIFFERENT ) POSITION ,—y r— SC * No movl Today Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday hedu = scheduled Andrews Theater to o\*o ^ O LO O " 0 o o g * K G L J II E F 1 K L * 1 Tc th (*¦ p of e Rock * * C D E *. F * Wind-breaker O o * * G * E * * * * H * * 'O' Club ^j M Ln * * F K * Rock-ville ho ~J o o o o * 11 K K * J * L * I * F Grindy Club Ln ^j Lo LO O O * A * B * G * H * J ,* I Marine Club to ^J o o o o * * L L II II * T * G * K * I * * Hofn H-3 M N 0 P R S- -* * 'G' rated All ages admitted - General audiences. Children under seven must be accompanied by an ID card holder. 'PC rated All ages admitted - Parental guidance suggested. Children under seven mu^j be accompanied by an ID card holde^B 'R' rated ^ | 2W3ii TSO H3I3 ¦ i Restricted - Persons under 17 must be accompanied by parent or adult guardian. * E F * L K D * * S L * P K G * * 0 R P * L * * D * * 0 * S * R * K


The White Falcon

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