The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 03.10.1980, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 03.10.1980, Blaðsíða 1
WHITE October 3, 1980 Volume 23, Number 39 Keflavik, Iceland FALCON News briefs Winter is on its way October ushers in the winter season at Keflavik, and according to the Naval Oceanography Detach- ment, 5.5 inches of rain can be expected. The days will get shor- ter with only eight hours and 13 minutes of sunlight by the end of the month. The record high temperature for this month is 57°F set in 1958. The coldest on record is 18°F>in 1968. Return your reader survey The Reader Survey distributed with last week's White Falcon should be returned immediately to either the Iceland np-Fense Force Public Affairs Office or the White Falcon office located in Bldg. 734C. Results will be published at a later date. ^^ T) ^^he Detachment 4 honors three Three members of Det. 4, 191j lunications Group were honored ently by Capt. James Shaffer, e Det. Commander. Air Force Commendation Medals were awarded to TSgt. Ronnie Kinsfather, SSgt. Christopher -Redwood and SSgt. Michael Faulkner. Deti 4 also said goodbye to SSgt. Pat Hogan and presented him with the Air Forces Iceland-1980, Top Communicator Award. PTO Carnival scheduled The annual Parent Teacher Or- ganization Fall Carnival is sched- uled for November 15 in Hangar 885. Signup sheets will be avail- able this week for organizations and groups to reserve spaces for booths. 932nd selects top personnel The 932nd ACWS has selected two Operations personnel as NCO and Airman of the Quarter for July- September. SSgt. Stan Sienkiewicz, a Control Technician, was selected NCO of the Quarter; SrAMike Whyman, an Air Surveillance Operator and I.D. Technician, is Rockville's Airman of the Quarter. ComFairKef presents awards ComFairKef recently awarded 0S2 in Deane a Letter of Commenda- bn for the period Dec. 1978 to ¦Sept, 1980. 0S3 Randy Fellows re- ceived a Navy Good Conduct Award. VP-9 arrives VP-9 completes their arrival Tuesday as the last of their P-3 Or ions taxis into position at Keflavik Airport. VP-9, commanded by Commander Charles C. Nute, relieved VP-46. VP-9 aircraft began arriving here September 20. Approximately 360 officers and enlisted personnel are attached to the squadron. Fire Department to be active during Fire Prevention Week Sunday through Oct. 11 marks this year's Fire Prevention Week. The Naval Station Fire Department will conduct some sixty fire pre- vention lectures and fire extin- guisher demonstrations on the NATO base this week. Fire Prevention Week is held dur- ing the week of Oct. 9, the anniver- sary of the "Great Chicago Fire of 1871". That fire killed 250 people and destroyed property totaling $168 million. The disaster inspired real community efforts toward fire pre- vention. To remind people of the need to practice fire safety, the Fire Marshalls Association of North America, now a section of the Nat- ional Fire Protection Association, established the Prevention Day in 1911 on the 40th anniversary of the Chicago fire. It was expanded to a full week observance by President Warren Harding. We can help the Naval Station Fire Department during the week and all year by being a "Partner in Fire Prevention." This means keeping your home and the community as safe as possible from the dangers of fire, and following the recommen- dations of the fire department. Teach your family correct safety behavior. Make sure they practice burn prevention in the kitchen by not wearing long, loose sleeves when cooking or working around the stove. Small appliances and hot pans should be kept out of the reach of little children. If anyone in the family smokes, make sure they use a large sturdy ashtray, and they dispose of smoking materials carefully. Everyone in the family should know escape procedures and the agreed upon meeting place outside the home. Highlighting the Fire Prevention Program this year will be EDITH (exit drills in the home) which will be conducted on Oct. 21 at 5:30 p.m. Fire Chief S.R. Eirlksson, ex- plained that sirens will be sounded and announcements on television and radio will alert personnel that the drill is in progress. EDITH is a good opportunity for all personnel to practice getting out of the house in case of a real fire.


The White Falcon

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