The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 03.10.1980, Blaðsíða 2

The White Falcon - 03.10.1980, Blaðsíða 2
11: 00 THE FUGITIVE 7: :00 12: 00 MOVIE: Power 7: ;25 (Part II-adult) 7: ;50 1: 40 HARRY-0 8 :15 2: 35 RYAN'S HOPE (adult) 9: :00 3: 00 GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) ft; :25 3: 45 CONSUMER BUYLINE 9: :50 4: 10 SESAME STREET 10: :15 5: 10 WOMAN'S WORLD 10: :40 5: 40 DONAHUE—Should 11: :05 Women Be Drafted? 11: :35 The subject under 12 :00 discussion with 12 :25 Bella Abzug, Cathy league, National 1. :50 Coalition Against 3: :00 Drafting Women; and 3: :30 Sgt. Elizabeth Mer- 3 :55 ritt, USA. 4 :45 6: :30 NEWS FOUR 7: :00 WHAT'S HAPPENING 5: ;45 IN REYKJAVIK 6: ;30 7: :05 GRANDPA GOES TO 6: :45 WASHINGTON (adult) 7: :35 —Kelley takes up the cause of a civil servant fired for living with her boy- friend. 8: :25 7 :55 WITH THE CONTENDERS 8 :00 LOU GRANT—Members of the Trib st?ff get some pointers on the nomenclature of gambling, and some tips on the horses. 8 :30 LIFE AND TIMES OF EDDIE ROBERTS—Eddie gets involved in pro-busing and Do- lores suspects Eddie c :15 of chasing other women—as she com- plains she's being slighted. 9 :20 HAWAII FIVE-0--A long reformed counterfeiter reluctantly returns to his trade to save a 9 :40 financially threat- ened home for way- ward girls. 10 :15 NEWS FOUR UPDATE 10 :30 MOVIE: True Grit, A Further Adventure Warren Oates plays Rooster Cog- 10: :30 burn, an aging but 10 :45 tough, marshal, who has contracted 11 :55 to take a mule-stub- born spunky 16-year- old girl to her grandfather in Cali- fornia. Stars Jeff Osterhage with Lisa Peliken, Lee Meriwether, James Srephens and Ramon Bleri. 15 1:10 ACTION THEATER 1 :50 SIGN OFF NEWS 1 2 :00 :20 ROY ROGERS FLINTST0NES LAFF-A-LYMPICS CARTOON CARNIVAL BRADY KIDS** CHILDREN'S NOVELS FOR TELEVISION BIG BLUE MARBLE FRACTURED FLICKERS OPEN HOUSE NATURE OF THINGS AMERICA'S TOP 10 COLLEGE FOOTBALL '80 NCAA FOOTBALL: USC vs Tennesse PBA SUMMER TOUR SPORTS SPECTACULAR SPORTS WORLD THE UNTOUCHABLES JAMES MICHENER'S WORLD SOUL TRAIN NEWS FOUR PRIME TIME SATURDAY CHIPS—Thousands of gallons of stolen gasoline diverted to crooked dealers send the CHP into action. SANFORD**(Part I) —Redd Foxx, the irrepressible Watts Junkman Fred Sanford spins off from San- ford and son. This time, however, Redd is on a solo trip, minus son, but very much the con-artist, (series estimated to run 10 weeks) STOCKARD CHANNING —After Susan's boss Brad has been ap- proached by the sta- tion owner, Mr. Clyde, to read his autobiography, she unwittingly sets a trap for herself. CHARLIE'S ANGELS —The Angel's cham- pagne party on Char- lie's yacht is in- terrupted when they discover millions in gold bullion hidden below deck. NEWS FOUR UPDATE SATURDAY NIGHT (adult) MOVIE: Please Call it Murder—Substan- tial life insurance benefits are in jeopardy after a suburban housewife, finding her husband shot to death, burns the suicide note. Stars Bradford Dill- man, Kathleen Wid- does and Simon Oak- land. WESTERN THEATER SIGN OFF NEWS 7:00 LIFE ABUNDANT 7:30 THIS IS THE LIFE 8:00 TELL-A-VISION 8:30 PORTRAITS OF POWER 8:55 MOVIE: The Com- panion 10:20 MOVIE: Sound and Fury 12:15 NFL REVIEW AND PREVIEW 1:00 NFL FOOTBALL: San Diego vs Oakland 4:00 SPORTS CHALLENGE 4:25 MILITARY BENEFITS 4:50 DIRECTIONS 5:10 WILD KINGDOM 5:35 NOVA* 6:30 NEWS FOUR 6:45 SIXTY MINUTES—Seg- ments include: Gla- caa, corruption in a poverty program in Los Angeles; Losers, athletes that didn't make it to the pros; Give me Your Tired, illegal immigrants; and Andy Rooney on saving money cou- pons. 7:35 WALT0NS—John-Boy receives help from his teacher in wri- ting an essay for an award. He then de- velops an infatua- tion toward her, un- aware she is begin- ning a courtship with the Reverend Fenwick. 8:30 R0PERS~Jef f rey seems over friendly after a small fire in the Roper's kitch- en has been extin- guished. Is it be- cause he has a buyer for the Roper's town-house? 9:00 SZYSZNYK—The target of continuous beat- ings by punks, has put Ralph in a wheelchair. Ralph's mother entreats Nick for help, which he is happy to give. 9:25 PARIS—Paris' care- fully planned stake- out, launching an operation to nab a ring of black mar- ket gun runners is seriously jeopar- dized. 10:15 NEWS FOUR UPDATE 10:30 JOHN DENVER 11:25 BEST OF CARSON 12:40 SIGN OFF NEWS 12:00 12:50 1:45 2:35 3:00 3:45 4:10 5:10 5:40 6:30 7:00 7:50 8:40 9:10 11:35 12:30 SIXTY MINUTES WALTONS PARIS RYAN'S HOPE (adult) GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) THAT NASHVILLE MUSIC SESAME STREET ANDY GRIFFITH DONAHUE (adult ^-Ex- ploring the myth about fantasies are guests Nancy Friday and psychiatrist Dr. Serge Sanger. NEWS FOUR EEE HAW—Tennessee Ernie Ford and Christy Lane join the regulars. WHITE SHADOW—Warren Coolidge is estatic when he is signed to do a part in a new TV show, featuring a white principal in a ghetto high school. Warren, however, gets his real break when he becomes act- ing technical di- rector by providing the director wit the actual langua of the ghetto, the lifestyle of inhabitants. ALICE—Turmoil strikes Mel's Diner when he hires an ex- tra waitress who turns out to be a man. When the girls discover he was hired at a higher pay scale, havoc breaks loose. MONDAY NIGHT FOOT- BALL—Houston vs Cleveland—News Four U-date at halftime VARIETY SPECIAL: Burl Ives in Orlando —A musical sight- seeing tour through one of Florida's va- cation cities, Or- lando. Burl Ives and the Serendipity Singers visit the Sea World, the Ken- nedy Space Center, Disneyworld, while singing their hit songs. SIGN OFF NEWS ing ith^ *Series ends **Series begins ***Time change Programs cha without notice


The White Falcon

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