The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 03.10.1980, Blaðsíða 4

The White Falcon - 03.10.1980, Blaðsíða 4
Movies A- DIRKTE—Drama (G). A little boy is lost in Africa's forbidden Kalahari Desert. Stalked by a hyena, he wanders for two weeks while his father, Jamie Hayes, tries desper- ately to find him. (85 min.) B. FREAKY FRIDAY—Comedy (G). This Disney film features Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster as a mother and teenage daughter who exchange bodies and personalities for a day. (98 min.) C. DOMINO PRINCIPLE—Drama (R). Gene Hackraan plays a con- victed murderer who is sprung from prison by a government bureau to assassinate a government official. Stars Candice Bergen. (100 min.) D- WINDOWS—Drama (R). Talia Shire seeks the protection of police detective Joseph Corteso after she is terrorized by a lesbian admirer, Elizabeth Ashley. (93 min.) E. THE LADY VANISHES—Comedy adventure (PG). Tn 1939, the Trans-European Express yields mystery and intrigue for its unsuspecting passengers Elliot Gould, Cybill Shepherd and Angela Lansberry. (95 min.) F. SINBAD AND THE EYE OF THE TIGER—Fantasy adventure (G). Romance and black magic launch the adventure tale, which finds Patrick Wayne's plans to marry a princess, Jane Seymour, hindered until he can return her brother to human form and his rightful role as Caliph. (120 min.) G. THE WHITE BUFFALO—Action drama (PG). Wild Bill Hick- ok, Charles Bronson, goes incognito as James Otis in his quest to hunt and kill a fierce white bison. This adven- turer and gunman is haunted by a recurrent nightmare in which he is attacked by the buffalo. Also stars Will Sampson. (103 min.) H. THE AMAZING DOBERMANS—Action comedy (G). Justice De- partment agent James Franciscus poses as a gambler to trap racketeer Jack Carter. Also stars Fred Astaire. (104 min.) I- THE FINAL COUNTDOWN—Drama (PG). A mysterious storm transports the USS Nimitz and its crew from the contempor- ary world to December 6, 1941 between the Japanese fleet and Pearl Harbor. Stars Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen and Katherine Ross. J. WHEN TIME RAN OUT—Disaster (PG). Paul Newman leads a throng of survivors to safety after an island volcano erupts. Also stars William Holden and Jacqueline Bisset. (109 min.) K. CRASH—Horror drama (PG). Jose Ferrer is happy with his young wife, Sue Lyon, until a car crash renders him an invalid. He is confined to a wheelchair and blames Lyon for the accident. (89 min.) L. FOR THE LOVE OF BENJI—Comedy drama (G). Benji ventures to Crete, where he gets involved in a little detective work before he realizes the answer was underfoot the whole time. (113 min.) M. THE NUDE BOMB—Comedy (PG). Don Adams as the bunS agent 86 is called in to save the world from a group of maniacs who claim to have a formula that will destroy all known clothing fabrics. (91 min.) N. THE CHANGELING—Horror suspense (R). When Trish Van Devere arranges for George C. Scott to move into a Victorian mansion thought to be haunted, strange things begin happen- ing. (107 min.) 0.__HERBIE GOES TO MONTE CARLO—Comedy (G). Racing driver Dean 'ones attempts a comeback after 12 years. He enters his volkswagon, Herbie, in a Paris-to-Monte Carlo race ac- companied by mechanic Don Knotts. (105 min.) P. LAND OF NO RETURN—Adventure (G). Mel Torme portrays TV celebrity, Zak O'Brien, whose plane crashes without a trace tn rugged mountains. With only a trained wolf and an eagle to guide him, he races against time to survive. Also stars William Shatner. (91 min.) R. FATSO—Comedy drama (PG). Dom Deluise is nicknamed Fatso. He operates a card shop with his married sister, Anne Bancroft. (94 min.) S. DYNAMO-—Action drama (R). This is a Bruce Lee karate movie. (81 min.) "As part of the new "Realism in the Reserves' program, we're going to have our "Going Down with the Ship' exercise!" i—Schedu 1 f* u ~™^"" * No movie scheduled 'G' rated Andrews To p of w ind- O' Rock- G rindy Marine Hofn All ages admitted - General audiences. Theater th e Rock b reaker Club ville C lib Club H-3 Children under seven must be accom- t—• N> 0> vo I—' CH N3 ^J ^j ro ~j ^j N> -vj N3 ^J panied by an ID holder. O Lo o O O O o o O U> O o o o o o o o O O o o o o o o 'PG' rated Today * T R E * * ft ft * J G ft ft K All ages admitted - Parental guidance Saturday F J D I * R * ft H H B S S L suggested. Children under seven must Sunday H G I * * C * B F F S J J M be accompanied by an ID card holder. Monday * J C * * * ft S * I E * A N 'R' rated ^M Tuesday C I D * * * G ft ft b J * F 0 Wednesday* G J * * ft ft E * C H * I P Restricted - Persons under 17 ihukl^^B Thursday J M K * * * J D * P I ft N ft accompanied by parent or adult guard^* Friday * P I N ft ft ft ft * K M * * ft ian. f


The White Falcon

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