The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 10.10.1980, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 10.10.1980, Blaðsíða 1
Enlisted Dining Today LUNCH: Chicken noodle soup, fried Icelandic fish, pork slices Mexicana, oriental fried rice, Harvard beets, and scalloped corn. SFEEDLINE: Hamburgers and cheeseburgers, hot dogs, hot pastrami sandwiches, potato chips, and baked beans. DINNER: Tomato vegetable soup, Newport fried chicken, brown chicken gravy, stuffed franks, rice pilaf, corn bread dressing, and lyonnaise green peas. Saturday BREAKFAST: Assorted chilled fresh fruit, assort- ed chilled fruit Juice, fried eggs to order, broiled bacon slices, grilled sausage patties, grilled luncheon meat, hash brown potatoes, but- tered hominy grits, and grilled hot cakes. BRUNCH: In addition to breakfast items: Tomato rice soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, and French fried potatoes. DINNER: Baked lasagna, Italian spaghetti, meat sauce, assorted pizza pie, polonaise broccoli, and hot garlic bread. Sunday BREAKFAST: Assorted chilled fresh fruit, assort- ed chilled fruit juice, fried eggs to order, to- mato and cheese omelets, broiled bacon slices, broiled sausage links, grilled ham slices, fried potatoes, and cinnamon French toast. BRUNCH: In addition to breakfast items: logging soup, Coney Island burgers, and crisp potato chips. DINNER: Creole soup, roast pork ham, brown gravy, baked potatoes in jackets, sour cream, and seasoned mixed vegetables. Monday BRUNCH: (10 to 1 p.m.), Vegetable soup, grilled hamburgers/cheeseburgers, french fries, and as- sorted deserts and salads. NAVY DAY FAMILY DINNER: Chicken Noodle ' soup, Seafood platter with fried or baked Ysa, french fried shrimp, and deep fried oysters, baked mac- aroni, tossed green rice, cocktail/tarter sauce, stewed tomatoes, seasoned spinach, assorted des- serts and salads. Tuesday LUNCH: Tomato soup, sliced Tom turkey, seasoned brown gravy, barbecued epareribs, snowflake pota- toes, savory bread dressing, polonaise broccoli, and spiced beets. SPEEDLINE: Hamburgers and cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chili dogs, fish and chips, chicken in a basket, potato chips, and baked beans. DINNER: Cream of potato soup, fried Icelandic fish, Mexican pork chops topped with Mexican sauce, cottage fried potatoes, seasoned pinto beans, and seasoned mustard greens. Wednesday LUNCH: Split pea soup, southern fried chicken, oriental skillet steamed rice, rissole potatoes, seasoned French cut beans, and Creole squash. SPEEDLINE: Hamburgers and cheeseburgers, hot dogs, fishwich, fish and chips, chicken in a bas- ket, French fries, and baked beans. DINNER: Vegetable supreme soup, New England boiled dinner, corned beef, boiled potatoes and carrots, boiled cabbage and onions. Thursday LUNCH: French onion soup, Swiss steaks with to- mato sauce, turkey scallops, baked macaroni and cheese, seasoned green peas, and paprika cauli- flower. SPEEDLINE: Hamburgers and cheeseburgers, hot dogs, tacos, fish and chips, chicken in a basket, refried beans, and baked beans. DINNER: Beef barley soup, grilled pork slices, London broil steak, natural sauce, steamed rice, Creole lima beans, and Normandie carrots. October 10-17 Club Specials Special 5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., country ROCKVILLE: Monday—Navy Day Dinner TOP OF THE ROCK: Monday—Happy hour 4 and western 8:30 p.m., no luncheon. WINDBREAKER: Saturday—Kef 1 avik Chief Petty Officer's Association sponsored CPO Navy Ball 6:30 p.m., other activ- ities will be closed. 0'Club: Tuesday—OWC Luncheon, Thursday—Kiwanis 11:30, Friday—AFI Hail and Bless. uso TODAY—Tenth day of the tenth month - A little something soda with each food order. SATURDAY—National Jogger's Day - Jog into the USO in your jogging suit for a free hot dog. MONDAY—Navy Day and Discovers* Dav-Corned Beef and Cabbage Special. TUESDAY—Molly Pitcher's Birthday - All women in uniform will have 10 percent discounted from food orders. CLASSES—Crochet Class begins Monday. Youth Center BALLET—Ballet for women and children is now being offered. Reglater at the Youth Center. Clasaes begin Nov. 4. SEWING—A bean bag furniture sewing class for teens will begin Oct. 15. BASKETBALL—-Registrations for a Youth Center major league basketball program are now being accepted. Youth in grades seven through 12 are eligible to participate. Tryouts will be held Oct. 21 through 23 at the lower school gym. SUNDAY—The Youth Center ia open to youth grades seven through age 19 from 1 to 9 p.m. MONDAY—Ladies morning exercise from 9 to 10 a.m. Monday is also "Challenge the Champ Day" for the fifth and sixth graders. This group challenges their peers in pool, foose- ball and ping pong. TUESDAY—Scavenger hunt for kindergarten through grade two. Fifth and sixth graders will be Involved in a very challen- ging computerized game "Comp IV." A variety of floor games is on the agenda for third and fourth graders. WEDNESDAY—Chess tournament for teens. THURSDAY—Adult evening slymnastics from 6 to 7 p.m. A regularly scheduled activity on Thursday is a kiddle game This is open to all ages and a small fee is charged T- runa from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. FRIDAY—Another real hit is the "Free Movie Day," plus our regularly scheduled Teen Disco esch Friday night from 7 to 11 p.m. All youth grades seven through age 19 are welcome to attend. SATURDAY—Just go down and enjoy the wide variety of games that the Youth Center has available for your enjoyment. Parents are welcome to attend with their children. For more Information about any Youth Center activity call 7508 or 7822. It Navy Birthday October 13.1900 Remember


The White Falcon

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