The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 17.10.1980, Blaðsíða 2

The White Falcon - 17.10.1980, Blaðsíða 2
Page 2 The White Falcon October 17, 19 80 VHA authorization. The President signed an executive order authorizing the payment o> Conus Variable Housing Allowance (VHA) during fiscal year 1981. The VHA is authorized for the purpose of assisting members entitled to a basic allowance for quarters to defray housing costs under certain conditions: (1) The member is assigned to a permanent station located in the United States within an area where the average cost for housing exceeds the average basic allowance for quarters by 15 percent or more; (2) The member is assigned to a permanent station outside the United States and the member's dependents reside in an area within the United States where the average cost of housing exceeds the average basic allowance for quarters by 15 percent ox more, i' Deadline extension. RANDOLPH AFB, Texas (AFNS)—Deadline for colonels and colonel-selectees to apply for Air Force ROTC duty has been extended to Oct. 31, 1980, by the Air Force Manpower and Personnel Center's Group. The positions are available at 31 colleges and universities during sum- mer 1981. Local personnel offices have lists of schools. Application procedures are in Air Force Regulation 36-20, paragraph 8-13. Anyone with questions about the program may call Lt. Col. Clint Summerfield, Colonels' Group Management division chief, at autovon 487-6951. Champus. • Part 10 of 14 SET BY LAW—Closely related to "participation" is the CHAMPUS us the customary and prevailing principles and rules in the dcterminatio the CIIAMPUS reasonable charges applicable to physicians and other indiv' ual providers. The allowable amount is the lowest of the following: 1. The actual billed charge. 2. The customary charge made by the provider under similar circum- stances for the same medical service or supply. (The customary charge is the amount which the provider usually and most frequently charged his/her patients in the previous calendar year for a specific medical service or supply provided under similar medical circumstances.) 3. The prevailing charge of most providers of similar training in a geographic area for the same medical service or supply. (The prevailing charge is set at a level that would have fully paid at least 80 out of 100 charges made for that medical service or supply during the previous calen- dar year by all providers of similar training in the same geographic area.) THE WHITE FALCON The White Falcon is published weekly by the Iceland Defense Force Public Affairs Office for military and U. S. civilian per- sonnel and their dependents sta- tioned in Iceland. It is printed by the U. S. Naval Station Print Shop with appropriated funds per NAVS0 P-35. Opinions expressed are those of the writers and are not neces- sarily official expressions ot IceDeFor, the Department of De- fense or the U. S. Government. The White Falcon office is lo- cated in Bldg. 734C; telephone 4612/5192. Editorial deadline is nnon Tuesday. Commander Iceland Defense Force RADM Richard A. Martini Public Affairs Officer LCDR M. L. Sundin Asst. Public Affairs Officer Mr. Mik Magnusson Command Senior Journalist J0C Bob Rainville Editor J02 Frank Fisher Staff J03 Dave Guise—Sports Editor PH3 Thorn Lindgren—Photographer SN Karen Dean Guise SN Janet Willard


The White Falcon

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