The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 24.10.1980, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 24.10.1980, Blaðsíða 1
WEEKLY OCTOBER 24-31 ENTERTAINMENT SUPPLEMENT ENLISTED DINING TODAY LUNCH: Corn chowder, fried or baked Icelandic fish, macaroni and cheese, scalloped potatoes and French-fried greens. DINNER: Creole soup, chicken-fried beef steaks, steamed knockwurst, brown gravy, snowflake pota- toes, succotash and asparagus. SATURDAY BREAKFAST: Assorted fresh fruit, assorted fruit juice, eggs to order, omelets, fried bacon, gril- led sausage, grilled ham, hash browns, griddle cakes and hominy grits. BRUNCH: In addition to breakfast items: Reuben sandwiches and potato chips. DINNER: Minestrone soup, barbecued beef cubes, braised spareribs, sauerkraut, egg noodles, fried hominy and green beans. SUNDAY BREAKFAST: Assorted fresh fruit, assorted fruit juice, eggs to order, omelets, fried bacon, gril- led sausage, corned beef hash, hash browns, French toast and oatmeal. BRUNCH: In addition to breakfast items: Chili- size burgers and French fries. DINNER: Vegetable soup, Swiss steaks with tomato sauce, Southern-fried chicken, mashed potatoes, spinach and mixed vegetables. MONDAY LUNCH: Manhattan clam chowder, veal loaf, brown gravy, garbecue spareribs, egg noodles, mashed potatoes, green beans, summer squash and corn bread. DINNER: Chicken noodle soup, sauerbraten, natu- ral gravy, German potato cakes,German sauerkraut, peas and carrots. TUESDAY LUNCH: Vegetable soup, chlppered or fried Ice- landic fish, scalloped potatoes with onions,broc- coli spears and O'Brien corn. DINNER: Cheese soup, glazed ham loaf, beef por- cupines, vegetable gravy, mashed potatoes, car- rots and black-eye peas. WEDNESDAY LUNCH: Creole soup, Newport-fried chicken,chick- en gravy, barbecue pork, rice, beets, black-eye peas and corn bread. DINNER: Beef barley soup, pepper beef steaks, natural sauce, turkey gravytoes, potatoes,hominy, Brussels sprouts and open-faced turkey sandwiches. THURSDAY LUNCH: Cheese soup, breaded pork cutlets, Duch- ess potatoes, baked chicken, brown pork gravy, chicken gravy, cauliflower and Southern-style greens. DINNER: Knickerbocker soup, Texas chili, cheese enchiladas, tamale pie, beef liver with onions, Spanish-style rice, refried beans and corn. CLUB SPECIALS WINDBREAKER: Today—Sweet & Sour Pork. Wednesday—S irlo in Steak. Thursday—Deep Fat Fried Fish. Friday—Roast Turkey. 0' CLUB: Saturday—KiwanisBall. Sunday—Candlelight Room closed. Wednesday—International Night, Spanish Dinner. uso SATURDAY—Mild or wild tacos all day, and a fish fry from 9:30 p.m. SUNDAY—Sunday brunch waffles. MONDAY—Beginning knitting class starts. TUESDAY—Conversational French class, WEDNESDAY—Watch for Wednesday's kitchen special. FRIDAY—Halloween fish fry. YOUTH CENTER The Recreation Department Youth Center has a fun packed program planned for this fall. This season we offer knit- ting, basic macrame, rug hooking, bread dough art and a favorite held over from last year, the Christmas Craft Workshop. During the month of November, Ballet and Baton will once again be offered for children and adults. Preschool Gymna- stics, an individually-instructed piano course and Arts and Crafts every Monday round out the program. Of course free movies are shown every Friday at 3:15 p.m. and the Teen Disco from 7 to 11 p.m. are always exciting additions. Keep the winter doldrums out I Come to the Youth Center and participate. We're on the bus route parallel to the airfield. Call 7508 for further information. LIBRARY Stephen King, best-selling author of horror fiction, has completed another terrifying tale, The Firestarter. The Firestarter Is about beautiful eight-year-old Charlie, who was horn with "psychic gifts" which cannot always be controlled. It is now available at the library as well as several of his other writings. Would you like to open up your child's imagination? Expose him to new experiences? Let him become enthusiastic over something intangible? Allow him to do something on his own that he can later share with you? Let him learn to sit still and listen? All of this could happen, if you bring your child to the Station Library's weekly Story Programs. The programs are offered for children aged three to five years, and there are two sessions each week: Wednesday morning, 10 to 10:30 and Saturday morning, 11:30 to noon. The programs are con- ducted by volunteers who enjoy working with young children. They read stories, tell fairy tales and nursery rhymes, and do fingerplays. Persons who are interested in volunteering or in regis- tering their child should call Mrs. Hastings at 7323 or 4510. November 7-9 SUMMER Conserve Energy—Save Money


The White Falcon

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