The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 07.11.1980, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 07.11.1980, Blaðsíða 1
WEEKLY NOVEMBER 7-14 ENTERTAINMENT ENLISTED DINING USO SUPPLEMENT ARMCHAIR TRAVEL TODAY LUNCH: French onion soup, Italian spaghetti with meat sauce, assorted pizza, corn and zucchini. DINNER: Manhattan clam chowder, Swiss steaks, tomato gravy, braised spareribs, potatoes, cauliflower and peas. SATURDAY BREAKFAST: Assorted fresh fruit, assorted fruit juice, eggs to order, cheese omelets, grilled sausage, broiled bacon, grilled bologna, hash browns, French toast and oatmeal. BRUNCH: In addition to the breakfast items: cream of tomato soup, chili sandwiches and potato chips. DINNER: Navy bean soup, baked chicken, chicken gravy, beef sukiyaki, steamed rice, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and Brussels sprouts. SUNDAY BREAKFAST: Assorted fresh fruit, fruit juice, eggs to order, western omelets, fried bacon, grilled luncheon meat, broiled sausage patties, pancakes and potatoes. NCH: In addition to the breakfast items: f vegetable soup, chopped barbecue pork on sted buns and French fries. DINNER: Beef barley soup, grilled Tom Tom steaks, onion gravy, baked potatoes, sour cream, cream-style corn and spinach. MONDAY LUNCH: Egg drop soup, fried Icelandic fish, green rice, broccoli spears and French fried carrot sticks. DINNER: Bean soup with bacon, topless pork sandwiches, brown pork gravy, potatoes, black-eye peas, greens and corn bread dressing. TUESDAY LUNCH: Pepper pot soup, corn beef, potatoes, cabbage and boiled carrots. DINNER: Corn chowder, Italian spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, Italian sausage, potatoes, mixed vegetables and garlic bread. WEDNESDAY LUNCH: Cream pea soup, cherry baked ham, cherry sauce, beef stew, steamed rice, fried okra and corn bread. DINNER: Beef noodles soup, baked chicken, braised liver, onion gravy, potatoes, beets and broccoli. THURSDAY LUNCH: French onion soup, roast beef, gravy, roast turkey, baked potatoes, sour cream, green beans and stewed tomatoes. NER: Knickerbocker soup, knockwurst, erkraut, wiener Schnitzel, gravy and ed vegetables with mushrooms. SATURDAY—Tacos all day, fish fry at night. Worst Tun of the Week winner announced. SUNDAY—Waffles and topping all day. MONDAY—Marine Corps Birthday. Free cupcakes to all Marines. TUESDAY—Happy Veterans Day. Special fried chicken dinner. Shopping trip to Reykjavik. Join in the old fashioned taffy pull. THURSDAY—Have a pickle for a nickle. FRIDAY—Fish fry. SATURDAY—Carnival. Play USO Tic Tac Toe, meet Mz USO and USSO and the elusive snow snake. BASE BAND The newly formed NATO base band is in need of persons with musical talent, experience profes- sional or not. The band is directed by Jim Rush at the High School in room 15 and is managed by Jim Oldham. The band currently has 35 members and is looking for more. It meets every Monday and Wednesday from 5 to 6:30 p.m. and there are instruments available for those who play but do not own their own. The band is currently trying to put together a Christmas show and establish concert dates for the NATO Base community. For more information about the band call Jim Oldham at 3287 or 7293 after 5:30 p.m. ICE a FIRE Tickets for the Ice and Fire Theatre group's next show, "Wild and Wooly West," go on sale Mon- day. Dates are: Rockville, Nov. 21; O'Club, Nov. 22; Glacier Hut, Nov. 23; Windbreaker, Nov. 24. The $6 admission fee covers dinner and show. Tickets are available at each club. On Thursday, November 20 at 8 p.m., the Station Library's "Armchair Travel" serieT will begin with a trip to the quaint town of Erding, exciting Munich, and the beautiful Bavarian Alps. Mike and Wanda Taylor, who have taken three trips to the area, will share their experiences and their slides. The Armchair Travel Series consists of monthly "guided tours" to various countries. The tour- guides are people from the Naval Station who have visited the countries on EM&L flights or who have been stationed abroad. Every travel log will begin with a slide presentation lasting 35 to 45 minutes, with a question and answer period to follow. The audience will learn about how to get around, where to eat, places to stay, and sights to see. The programs are designed not only to help experienced travelers decide where they would like to go on their next trip, but also to en- courage those who have not been off island to take advantage of EM&L flights. Rota, Spain, will be featured next month. TOUR OFFICE The fifth performance of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra will be held 20 November. The con- ductor will be Karsten Andersen and the soprano Sieglinde Kallmann. The program will include: Olav Klelland - Con- certo Crosso, R. Strauss - Four Last Songs and Mozart - Symphony HI in C major, KV 551. Tickets for this performance will be available at the Tour Office heginning Monday through Fri- day. Bus transportation will also be provided for those interested and seats will have to be booked at the same time symphony tickets are purchased. For more information, contact the Tour Office at 4420. AFRTS RADIO SCHEDULE-1485 MONDAY-FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY 12:05 a.m. Charlie Tuna Tom Campbell's Playback American Top 40 1:05 Harry Newman Tom Campbell's Playback American Top 40 2:05 Nightwatch** Weekend Nightwatch** American Top 40 3:05 Nightwatch** Weekend Nightwatch** American Top 40 4:05 Mary Helen Barro Special of the Week And All That Jazz 5:05 Johnny Darin And All That Jazz Alien Worlds 5:30 Religious And All That Jazz Love on the Rock 6:05 Good Morning Keflavik** Big Band Countdown Amen Corner 7:05 Good Morning Keflavik** Good Morning Keflavik** Good Morning Keflavik** 8:05 Charlie Tuna Good Morning Keflavik** Good Morning Keflavik** 9:05 Gene Price's Country World Dick Clark Mid-Morning** 10:05 Golden Days of Radio Weekend Country** Mid-Morning** 10:30 Jim Pewter Weekend Country** Mid-Morning 11:05 Town & Country** Weekend Country** Chapel Services** 12:05 p.m. Town & Country** American Top 40 Soul Survey 12:15 Swap Shop** American Top 40 Soul Survey 1:05 Don Tracy American Top 40 Country Countdown 2:05 Roger Carroll American Top 40 Country Countdown 3:05 Afternoon Delight** American Top 40 Country Countdown 4:05 Afternoon Delight** Humble Harve Sunday Afternoon** 5:05 Afternoon Delight** Humble Harve Sunday Afternoon** 6:05 Roland Bynum Special of the Week Tom Campbell's Playback 7:05 CBS Radio Mystery Theater King Biscuit Tom Campbell's Playback 8:05 After Hours** Jammin'** Jammin'** 9:05 After Hours** Jammin'** Jammin'** 10:05 Wo Ifman Jack Kris Erik Stevens Humble Harve 11:05 Mary Turner Kris Erik Stevens Humble Harve Five minute newscast at the top of each hour. ** Denotes local live time. The radio schedule, like the T.V. schedule, is subject to change without notice. Live sports programs may preempt regular programming. Such changes are announced as far as possible in advance.


The White Falcon

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