The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 05.12.1980, Blaðsíða 3

The White Falcon - 05.12.1980, Blaðsíða 3
December 5, 1980 White Falcon 3 • Two S.P.'s chosen or SAC Elite Guard Two members of Air Forces Iceland Security Police have been selected to serve as members of the Strategic Air Command Elite Guard recently. They are A1C Mark G. Pugliese and A1C Michael J. Berrill. Their duties will include the protection of the Commander-in-Chief of Head- quarters building and ceremonial honors for visiting dignitaries from the U.S. and overseas. Capt. E.C. Schram, Chief of Security, AFI, said, "A1C Pugliese and A1C Berrill have been two of our best security policemen. They are important members of our division." Applications due for dependent scholarships The 1981 Dependent's Scholarship Program's applications are due no later than March 15, 1981. The application, as well as school transcripts and SAT or ACT test scores, must reach the Commander, Naval Military Personnel Command (NMPC-641C) no later than the deadline. The Scholarship Pamphlet (NAVPERS 150O3H), Application for Dependent's holarship Program (NAVPERS 1750/7, n be obtained from the Commander, val Military Personnel Command (NMPC-6HC/Pers-7311), Navy De- partment, Washington, D.C. 20370. Furniture sale A retail sale of excess household furniture to defense force members will be held Monday 9 to 10 a.m. in building T-866 (Disposal Ware- house) . Sales are on a "first come, first served, as is, where is" basis. No refunds or exchanges are made. Items must be paid for in U.S. dollars and must be removed immediately. ServMart open to personnel on Friday The ServMart is open to private individuals again Friday afternoons. Office and art supplies are featured along with small hand tools. The station gas station is selling many of the small hand tools in a cooperative effort with the supply :partment to make the ltem^ liable during more hours of the k. Eagle Scout James Thyden pins an Eagle Scout brooch on his mother during a ceremony honoring James for attaining the highest rank in scouting, Eagle Scout. James, 15, is a sophomore at A.T. Hahan High School. December will be colder and darker December is the month of maximum snowfall and minimum sunlight. During this month two major patterns occur: fair and cold weather under the influence of a strong Greenland high pressure cell or stormy with temperatures near freezing under the influence of a deep low pressure center moving over Iceland from the southwest. The average temperature falls to near freezing, 32.7°F (0.4C); a drop of 3.4*F from November. The coldest temperature recorded during the month occurred in 1973 when the tem- perature dropped to 7°F (-13.9C). The warmest temperature for the month occurred in 1976 and also in earlier years when the tempera- ture reached 49°F (9.4'C). Prevailing winds predominate from the northeast quadrant 34.671 of the time, and the southeast quad- rant 30.2% of the time with a mean wind speed of 14 knots. A peak wind gust of 73 knots was recorded in 1972. Chill Index II becomes the predominate condition with frequent occurrences of Chill Index III and the slight possibility of Chill Index IV. The mean equivalent air temperature therefore is only 11 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall the precipitation amounts for December make it the second wet- test month, however, more than one third of this total falls as snow. Rain or drizzle can be expected on nearly 17 days of the month vhile measurable amounts of snow may be expected on over 11 days of the month. Snowfall reaches its annual maximum mean of 19.1 inches and blowing snow becomes very common. The winter solstice occurs on December 21 with only four hours and 12 minutes between sunrise and sunset. After this date the hours of daylight gradually increase to a maximum in late June. coo ^Sjkj'' THE WHITE FALCON The White Falcon Is published weekly by the Iceland Defense Force Public Affaire Office for military and U. S. civilian per- sonnel and their dependents sta- tioned in Iceland. It is printed by the D. S. Naval Station Print Shop with appropriated fund* per HAVSO P-35. Opinions expressed are those of the writers end are not neces- sarily official expressions of IceDeFor, the Department of De- fense or the U. S. Government. The White Falcon office is lo- cated in Bldg. 734C; telephone 4612/5192. Editorial* deadline is noon Tuesday. Commander Iceland Defense Force RADH Richard A. Martini Public Affairs Officer I.CDR H. L. Sundln Asst. Public Affairs Officer Hr. Hlk Hagnusson Command Senior Journalist JOC Bob Ralnville Staff J02 Frank Fisher—Editor J03 Dave Guise—Sports Editor PH3 Thorn Llndgren—Photographer SN Karen Dean Guise SN Janet Willard


The White Falcon

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