The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 05.12.1980, Blaðsíða 7

The White Falcon - 05.12.1980, Blaðsíða 7
December 5, 1980 White Falcon 7 SHORT SHOTS Football South Carolina running back George Rogers says he's surprised he won che Heisman Trophy...although he was the nation's leading rusher with 1,781 yards. Rogers' emergence as the Heisman winner caps a rags-to-riches story. His mother was a domestic who re- lied on welfare to help support her five children, three boys and two girls. His father is a convicted murderer who was divorced from his wife a decade ago. After nearly eight years in Georgia prisons, the senior Rogers was paroled in time to see his son play in the Georgia-South Carolina game on Nov. 1st. NFL standings American Conference EAST Buffalo W 9 L 4 PP 290 PA 216 Hew England 8 5 366 280 Baltimore 7 6 280 291 Miami 6 7 209 254 N.Y. Jets 3 10 244 340 CENTRAL Cleveland W 9 L 4 PF 290 PA 244 Houston 8 5 247 232 Pittsburgh 8 5 314 265 Cincinnati 4 9 169 238 WEST San Diego W 9 L 4 PF 354 PA 256 Oakland 9 4 294 252 Denver 7 6 253 251 Kansas City 6 7 234 273 Seattle 4 9 239 335 National Conference EAST Philadelphia W 11 L 2 PF 323 PA 164 Dallas 10 3 386 233 St. Louis 4 9 265 279 N.Y. Giants 3 10 192 355 Washington 3 10 174 256 CENTRAL Detroit W 7 L 6 PF 260 PA 231 Minnesota 7 6 252 255 Chicago 3 8 215 227 Green Bay(T) 5 7 218 264 Tampa Bay(T) 5 7 234 279 WEST Atlanta W 10 L 3 PF 333 PA 225 Los Angeles 9 4 359 248 San Francisco 5 8 259 327 New Orleans 0 13 208 391 Standings as of Nov. 30 Pittsburgh defensive end Hugh Green was second in the balloting, followed by Georgia's Herschel Walker, Purdue's Mark Herrmann and Jim McMahon of Brigham Young. and. . . Here are the results from this weeks NFL games: Cleveland downed Houston 17-14; San Diego surprised Philadelphia 22-21; San Francisco pulled-off an upset by beating New England 21-17; Los Angeles handled the Jets of New York 38-13; Minne- sota just slipped past New Orleans 23-20; Tampa Bay edged Green Bay 20-17; Baltimore shocked Buffalo 28-24; Cincinnati tripped Kansas City 20-6; Pittsburgh setback Miami 23-10; Aclanta defeated Washington 10-6; St. Louis beat the Giants 23-7; and on Monday night, Oakland bested Denver by a score of 9-3. Roberto Duran's manager, Carlos Eleta, said recently that Duran's lifestyle and his crash diet to make the weight for the World Boxing Council title bout did the fighter in. Eleta says that Duran tends to get caught up in his own popularity in his native Panama where, in his manager's words, "he is like a God." And Eleta adds that after several months of the good life, Duran'8 weight had soared to 180 pounds. That necessitated a two and a half month crash diet and intense training to get him down within the welterweight limit of 147 pounds. But it took its toll, says Eleta, and left Duran feeling week. The fighter thought he could regain his strength by eating a lot before the fight but, his manager suspects, "he ate much more than he should have." Duran has said he ate a bowl of beef consomme, three T-bone steaks, french fries, orange juice and tea on fight day. That, presumably, was the source of the cramps Duran complained of during the fight. But there is little doubt in Eleta's mind that his fighter was simply not prepared for his fight and it showed when he walked away from Leonard in the eighth round. And based on that, Eleta says Duran should "not fight again un- less he changes his life com- pletely" and agrees to train properly. The question is, though, whether Duran will listen. Bowling A nev Queen was crowned Sunday as Cathy Malone defeated Linda Tackett and regained the Queen of the Hill title. King Doug Larson successfully defended his title by defeating Don Shepherd. King and Queen of the Hill competition is held every Sunday from noon to 1 p.m. Basketball The Los Angeles Lakers need a little magic. But for the time being they will have to take their chances like the rest of the mortals in the NBA. The magic that's missing is Earvin "Magic" Johnson. The flashy guard underwent knee surgery last week and will be out of action for at least two months. With Magic out of the lineup, the defending World Champions are 3-3...losing to Houston and Milwaukee before getting routed Sunday night by Chicago. Marathon Two of the major national long- distance running organizations are supporting a plan that would allow professional runners to receive cash prizes in races which also in- clude amateurs. That agreement was reached during a meeting between leaders of the two groups In Denver. Professional athletes have complained that there is not enough incentive for them to run in mara- thon races. Local sports happenings The Base Gym Is sponsoring classes in Racquetball and Judo. For more information call 5191. Volleyball rosters for women are due on Monday. A mandatory clinic for coaches will begin at 6 p.m. on Monday. Facility reservations for the Base Gym will now be taken at the cage for half-court basketball reservations. Construction has started on four new racquetball courts on the north- east side of the Gym. Please stay clear of that area.


The White Falcon

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