STARA - 16.04.2015, Blaðsíða 39

STARA - 16.04.2015, Blaðsíða 39
S T A R A n o .3 1.T B L 2 0 15 39 This connection to isometrics triggers ideas about a world where all dimensions are close and of equal importance. Eygló works with visual phenomena. Explora- tion of that kind is never the endpoint of her works, however, but rather one of many parallel dimensions in a multi-layered process. Phenom- ena like afterimages evoke questions like what impressions or events from the surroundings elicit ideas and whether it is even possible to comprehend that relationship or the function between inner and outer reality. The works in the exhibition which refer to architecture are reminiscent of ruins or abandoned farms where the inner and the outer have merged or nature rejoined the man-made. The afterimages and the impressions are there like material phenom- ena and real events although they possibly exist on a “finer” frequency and are not defined by time and space. Each image calls for another and a color conjures an opposite color like some kind of a perverse echo or rather a reply. Eygló uses delicate and pliable materials but the process is safe and stable and the materi- als strengthen during the process. One of the works, a type of wind gauge, is more reminis- cent of a horizontal millwheel than a traditional wind gauge which turns without resistance. The works have gone through numerous permuta- tions during the process and encompass these transformations. The process is transparent and the raw quality of the works keeps all options open. The spectator needs to be susceptive to tiny aspects like the granulated edge of a paper which serves as a gateway into the work because it literally opens up the material, creating a fu- sion between the work and the spectator. The exhibition works (painted sculptures/three- dimensional paintings) thus have a direct physi- cal effect and need to be experienced. They are open, both the materials and the interpreta- tions; they are penetrable.
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