Sunday Post - 06.10.1940, Blaðsíða 1

Sunday Post - 06.10.1940, Blaðsíða 1
IN OCCUPIED BELGIUM - PAGE 2 English books. — English stationery. THE ENGLISH BOOKSHOP. SUNDAY POST Iceland’s premier Eng- lish news-sheet. DAILY POST. On sale from 3 p. m. every day. Price 15 aura. I 6 Sunday, October 6th 1940 Price 25 aurar DESCENT INTO THE INTERIOR. Members of a British light-tank crew descend into the interiors of their mobile steel fortresses as they receive the signal to move off. Raids have little effect on London’s factories. London, Oct. 5th. The authorities in London aim at providing everybody with a shelter where he can sleep undisturbed throughout the night. To-day Mr. Morrison inspected an uncompleted and unused tube station and tunnel in the East End. This tunnel is about a mile long and thous- ands of people can find shelter there. The authorities approv- ed of the tunnel and it will be opened to-morrow. There is talk of issuing tickets to the air raid shelters. In spite of the air raids the industrial output of factories in the London area has not di- minished. During the last two months only 22 factories out of 1800 have had to change pre- mises on account of damages caused by bombs. 25 planes shot down yesterday. London, Oct. 5th. o-day 25 German planes have been destroyed in air battles over Britain. Four British planes are missing, but one of the pilots is safe. According to an official com- munique German bombers made a number of attacks over Kent and Essex. A few of the raiders succeeded in getting through the defences and dropped bombs on London, main- ly on the suburbs. Agency reports state that a strong Ger- *Uan force of 70 bombers and fighters had been intercepted over Kent and turned back after terrific battles. Bombs fell in an East End district shortly before Mr. Her- bert Morrison was due there. was touring the bombed districts of the East End. A heavy explosive bomb fell within a short distance of the ■^ayor of the borough who was °n his way to meet Mr. Morri- son. In another district a bomb fell m a cemetery scattering the tombstones. The German raids have been mainly directed against Lon- don, but other districts of the country have not escaped al- together. In one town on the south coast seven people were killed when a bomb was drop- ped on a working class district. Last night the raiders came in large formations but had to keep very high owing to the intense anti-aircraft barrage. Heavy bombs and incendaries were dropped on many districts of London, but the damage caused was comparatively small. In Central London some premises which had been hit previously and repaired were hit again. Many bombs fell in open spaces where they caused little harm. Yesterday London had 3 air raid warnings, and 3 German planes were brought doXn. The British lost only one fighter. On the Xhole enemy activity was on a reduced scale. BRITISH TROOPS IN EGYPT IN EXCELLENT HEALTH. London, Oct. 5th. A British correspondent in Cairo says that after 14 months of active services the health of the troops in Egypt is excellent in spite of the fact that most of the soldiers come from coun- tries with different climates. Hitler and Mussolini try to decide what to do next. ■■ 1 ♦ --— London, Oct. 5th. No information is available in London as to what has pass- ed between Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini at the Bren- ner pass. The German press foretells great events and the Rome newspapers are threaten- ing landing parties, invasion and what not. Press comments in Great Britain and America indicate that the general opinion in England and the U.S.A. is that Germany is losing the “battle of Britain”, if she has not al- ready lost it, and therefore Hitler is in urgent need of something to cover the failure. His plans for complete victory before the winter have failed, and now the dictators have to make new plans. But whatever this winter’s plan is, the most interesting thing is, that they have had to make any winter plan at all.


Sunday Post

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