Sunday Post - 06.10.1940, Blaðsíða 4

Sunday Post - 06.10.1940, Blaðsíða 4
4 SUNDAY POST Rescuing Nazi Airmen After Naval-Air Duel This photo, passed by the British censor, shows, according to the British caption, a British destroyer standing by to pick up the crew of a German Heinkel bomber after the plane had been shot down by the warship in a naval-air duel, presumably in the North Sea. Boat carrying German aviators to the destroyer is in center. At right, is column of smoke where the bomber burned and sank. IN TOWN CINEMAS. GAMLA: Ninotchka — Greta Garbo. 7 and 9. NYJA: The rain came — George Brent. 7 and 9. DANCING. HOTEL BORG (officers on- ly) 9—11,30. HOTEL ISLAND (All ranks) 9—11,30. RESTAURANTS. HOTEL ISLAND: Good but expensive: Service good. Plenty of room before 9 p.m. HOTEL SKJALDBREID. Dinner (Icelandic) 2,50. VIK. Icelandic food; also good steak and onions. Pleasant surroundings. Service fair. MATS ALAN (Kirkjustrseti). Dinner (Icelandic) 2,00. GAMLA BIO. Dangerous Fingers with JAMES STEPHENSON and BETTY LYNNE. Monday and nightly at 7 and 9. TONIGHT Greta Garbo in Ninotchka. t____________________ TONIGHT BRYTINN (Next A. P. O.). Cheap and good. Eggs and chips etc. Cheerful waitresses. Al- ways crowded but service ex- cellent. MATSTOFAN (ASalstrseti). Small and pleasant. Icelandic food (quite good). Service good. English definitely not under- stood. LEIFS CAFE (SkolavorSu- stigur). Crowded; caters for troops but no chips. GARDEN CAFE. Large and crowded; comfortable but ser- vice very slow.,. Meals etc. ser- ved outdoors when weather permits. RESTAURANT (Laugavegur 28). Meals all day. English spoken. Popular with troops. CAFE (46 Laugavegur). New and pleasant. Fish and chips etc. Excellent English. CAFE 46 Laugavegur. Fish and chips. Egg and chips. English spoken. Music all Day. News from London every evening at 10 p.m. ♦------------------------* A SOUVENIR OF ICELAND There is no better way of giving the people back, home an idea of Iceland and the Icelandic people than this magnificent book of photo- graphs with English text. — Iceland — Photographs of Land and People. — At all bookshops; price kr. 25.00. During the next days the book will be sold at reduced price, kr. 15.00. Bokaverzlun IsafoldarprentsmiSju. ♦-----------■------------♦ LEI FS-cafe SkolavorSustig 3. Tasty meals, eggs and bacon, fried eggs and potatoes, coffee, tea, milk, cakes, sandwickes, beer, lemonade, orangeade, grapefruit. Service at any time of the day. English spoken. Moderate prices. ATSON LADY HAND-BAGS FUR AND LEATHER Wide selection of wallets, purses, etc. ICELANDIC MANUFACTURE HLJODFIRABUSID 7, Bankastraeti. NYJA Bid. Myrna Loy GEORGE BRENT TYRONE POWER MYRNA LOY in THE RAINS CAME. Tonight and nightly 7 og 9. FOOTBALL A challenge match. VALUE V. VIKINGUR (Iceland champions.) (Reykjavik champions.) 2.00 p.m. to-day on the town football field. Verzlunarfyrirtaeki, veitingahus og aflrir, sem vilja koma auglysingum i Sunday Post, eru vinsaml. bednir um ad snua ser til Afgreidslunnari AlpyOuprentsmidjunni. — Simi 4905.


Sunday Post

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