Sunday Post - 13.10.1940, Blaðsíða 1

Sunday Post - 13.10.1940, Blaðsíða 1
BALKAN TREASURE HOUSE - PAGE 2 English hooks. — English stationery. THE ENGLISH BOOKSHOP. SUNDAY POST Iceland’s premier Kng- lish news-sheet. DAILY POST. On sale from 3 p. m. every day. Price 15 aura. I — 7 Sunday October 13th 1940. Price 25 aurar NELSON STEAMS AHEAD Up rise the 16” guns of H.M.S. Rodney; ahead steams H.M.S. Nelson. Both are battleships of the British Navy, both are floating fortresses. Last December a Ger- man magnetic mine struck Nelson — she continued uninterrupted on her course to port. Wave upon wave of German bombers attacked Rodney of Norway. At long last one secured a hit with a heavy bomb. Result: a few splinters, and Rodn- ey as complete a fighting fortress as ever. British subjects in Ron- mania advised to leave immediately. London, Oct. 12th. According to news from Buc- harest more than 200 German Staff officers have arrived in Bucharest, and at noon -to-day lorries packed with German sol- diers rumbled through the streets of the capital. According to lo- cal reports more than 2000 Ger- mans have arrived in the Danube delta together with several hund- reds of Italian engineers amid in- structors. The British ambassy in Bucha- rest has warned British subjects, in Rioumania to return home im- mediately as it might prove dan- gerous for them to stay any longer. A mixed Committee of Rouma- nians and Hungarians is to be formed for the settlements oil dispute between these two coun- tries concerning Transylvania* Roumainia is said to have appea- led to the Axis Powers for arbi- tration. , i Ineffective German air raids yesterday. ----4--- London, Oct. 12th. According to an Air Ministry communique issued at three o’clock this afternoon, the German have lost at least four fighter bombers in a series of ineffectives raids on London. Since then there have been further air battles and agency reports state that more German planes have been brought down. Although the mam formations of enemy planes were broken up and sent back over the Channel one or two of the raiders managed to get over London, fly- lng at a great height, and dropped bombs on one district. The damage was insignificant. It has been learnt in London that one of yesterday’s raiders was shot down last night off Scotland by a British bomber manned with a training crew. In yesterday’s battles the Ger- mans lost 8 planes and the Brit- ish nine fighter planes. Six of fhe British pilots are safe. Last night attacks on London | were hampered by bad weather conditions. The raid was the shortest one London has had since the ligthning war began. A large number of Dorniers trying to raid Liverpool, were intercepted by a British fight- er squadron and sent scurrying back again after a battle which 1 lasted a few minutes and three Dorniers were brought down. The fourth was seriously damaged and later on the crew had to bale out off North Wal- es, where they were picked up by a British boat. The windows in Canterbury Cathedral were smashed last night but, fortunately, the building itself was not damag- ed. Nans fight fire. London, Oct. 12th. 1 A convent in London was set on fire today by German incen- diaries. The Mother Superior and a few sisters fought the flames until the fire men arriv- ed and soon extinguished the fire altogether. Berlin admits damages. Last night the R.A.F. got through to their targets in spite of extremely difficult weather conditions. They bombed mum- erous place in Holland and the island Sylt.Wilhelmshaven was also raided, erman officials in Berlin have stated that the British had raided not less than 11 places along the coast of Holland last night. They have also had to admit the terri fic havoc caused by the British bombers on Thursday night at Hamburg. When the German admit heavy damages, they certainly may be considered to have been heavy. Last night one of the Brit- ish bombers was attacked by two German fighter planes. — The British bomber shot down one of them and then the other disappeared. All the British air- craft returned safely. In Libya the British bombers have also been active. They have raided Bengasi and To- brouk and caused terrific da- mages in both places.


Sunday Post

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