Sunday Post - 27.10.1940, Blaðsíða 1

Sunday Post - 27.10.1940, Blaðsíða 1
THEY SUPPLY THE BMITISH - PAGE 2 PISH AND CHIPS. eggs AND CHIPS. matstofan brytinn, 17, Hafnarstrseti. DAY Iceland’s premier Eng- lish news-sheet. DAILY POST. On sale from 3 p. m. every day. Price 15 aura. I — 9 Sunday, Oct. 27th. 1940. Price 25 aurar Vichy Government Dis- cussing German Demands ----4--- Hitler resorts to blackmail. London, Oct. 26th. The Vichy cabinet met this morning in a special sessi- °n.A little later the ministers adjourned because Monsieur Laval had not arrived. He had been delayed, but nothing ls known of where or why. At five o’clock this afternoon Laval arrived, but so far nothing is known of the decision of the government. It has been learnt in London that His Majesty the King has sent a message of encouragement to Marshal Pe- tain. Mr. Cordell Hull stated to-day that some days ago Presi- dent Roosevelt had sent a communication to the Vichy gov- ernment. The Italians emphatically deny that Count Ciano has met Laval. The Germans have al- ready announced that France Las eccepted their terms, and is 'Willing to cooperate with the Axis, but that her aid will be °f an entirely political and diplomatic character. Use of air bases on the Mediterranean is n°t considered an active aid. This is not the first time the Germans have announced as a fact what they wish to believe. It is significant that Marshal Petain was taken on a tour through a French prisoners of War camp. These prisoners are naturally very dear to the old soldier. There are also rumours that the Germans have resort- Italian bombers over Britain. ed to direct blackmail in their efforts to persuade the Vichy government to accept their de- mands. They have threatened that women and children in oc- cupied France would be star- ved if the government did not yield. U.S. newspapers expect Ger- many is preparing for a peace campaign. The Germans intend to isolate Britain, label Presid. Roosevelt as a warmonger and persuade people that Britain is the only nation opposed to peace. Hitler thinks that once the collaboration of France and Spain is ensured, he can throw the blame for continued war on Britain. London, Oct. 26th. There have been isolated at- tacks on London this afternoon. German planes flying very high met at several points with British fighters and were driv- en back. A few raiders succeed- ed in reaching London and s°me bombs were dropped on a shopping district, and it is fear- eh that 6 people have been iklled. The raiders did very little damage. be Four German bombers have en shot down to-day. Last night’s raids on Eng- land were on somewhat larger scale than usual. According to the German communique at least 500 German and Italian bombers were sent over. The main objectives were London, the Midlands, and an area in South-east Scotland. Consider- ing the numbers of the enemy planes there was very little damage and few casualties. — Several fires were started in London but the firemen with their customary efficiency soon put these out. GERMANY HAS TO ANSWER TO THEM Grenadier Guards, every man trained to a hair and over six foot, are an example of the manpower Germany has to answer to for the suffering she has brought to Europe. attack enemy ports London, Oct. 26th. Last night R.A.F. bombers successfully attacked enemy ports, power stations, shipping and factories. The German news agencies admit that bombs were dropped in several vulnerable areas. The Channel ports were heavily bombed. Early risers on the English co- ast could see flames and huge columns of smoke on the French side of the Channel. The communique issued by the Air Ministry states that British bombers raided docks and power stations at Ham- burg, Kiel and Cuxhaven. In Hamburg oil targets were also bombed successfully. Docks at Bremen were left in flames, and ships attacked in the har- bour of Amsterdam. Other tar- gets were several war factor- ies in Germany and numerous aerodromes in German occupi- ed countries. From all these operations only one British plane failed to return. Following the night’s raids British bombers attacked heavy gun emplacements at Cap Gris Nez this afternoon. Boulogne was also bombed and about an hour later 8 German E-boats were seen sneaking out of the harbour making for Calais. — Vitibility over the Chann- el was excellent so that observers on the English coast said they could easily see the windows in the burning build- ings on the other side of the Channel through field-glasses. I


Sunday Post

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