Sunday Post - 03.11.1940, Blaðsíða 1

Sunday Post - 03.11.1940, Blaðsíða 1
THE ANNUAL GOLD-FEVER IN ICELAND - PAGE 2 FISH and chips, eggs and chips. matstofan brytinn, 17, Hafnarstraeti. SUNDAY POST Iceland’s premier Eng- lish news-sheet. DAILY POST. On sale from 3 p. m. every day. Price 15 aura. I — 10 Sunday, Nov. 3rd 1940. Price 25 aurar Greek troops advance. ---i--•------ Italian bombers raid 15 villages in Greece. ♦------ London, Nov. 2nd. The Greek communique issued this morning confirmed reports of a Greek advance of 3% miles into Albanian terri- tory. The news of this success is all the more heartening as it indicates that the Greeks still hold the vital northern parts of the country where the enemy has tried to advance towards Phlorina. FIGHTERS WITH THE BRITISH FLEET. A formation of Blackburn Roc aircraft, twoseater fighters of the British Fleet’s Air Arm. Of all-metal construction, they carry formidable power-operated gun turrets. Berlin hard hit. According to reports from Athens, the Greek troops met with a strong resistance. The fa aious “kilted” troops led the at- tack and succeeded in captur- lng a 'strategically important fountain within the Albanian frontier. Nine Italian officers and 150 soldiers were taken pri soner. The Greeks also captur- ed 153 mules. The unsignificant progress made by the Italians along the c°ast is of no importacne what- ever. The rest of the fighting seems to be taking place at the middle of the front where the Greek troops have received big BARRAGE BALLOONS AT LARGE. During the last few days several barrage balloons have drifted in over Ice- land, wrecking telephone lines in various parts of the country. In some places the farmers have managed to capture these unwelcome guests before they had done any dam- age. Balloon hunting is said to have become a very Popular from of recrea- tion in those parts of the country. news in brief. London, Nov. 2nd. Crowd in Athens cheered to- day when they saw a British Plane fly over the city just when an air raid alarm was sounded. The plane was a Sun- derland-boat whose pilot had keen interned in Greece. reinforcements. Greek planes have bombed the Italian head- quarters at an Albanian town and raided troops concentra- tions. It is supposed in London that the Greeks are preparing for an offensive. This morning Italian planes again raided Salonika, Patras and Korinth. The raiders con- centrated on the civil popula- tion and the casualties are said to be very high, especially in Salonika. Yesterday Italian planes bombed and machine- gunned 15 Greek villages. 2442 German plan- es destroyed since Aug. 8. i LONDON, Nov. 2nd. The Air Ministry news service has stated that during the last twelve weeks, or since air raids on England began, 2442 German bombers and fighters have been brought down over England by British fighters and the ground defences. Over 6,000 German air- men have been killed or taken prisoner. A striking feature of the German losses is that they have lost 3 aircraft and 14 air- men to every one of the British. The most severe blow to the Germans is their loss of trained' airmen. The Use of Junkers bombers has been gradually abandoned as the Germans gave Up daylight raids which proved too costly for them. Now German daylight bombers are few and far bet- ween. They have increased their fighter escort to 4 to one. London, Nov. 2nd. A communique issued by the Air Ministry this afternoon states that bombers of the R. A. F. last night carried out one of the heaviest and most con- centrated raid Berlin has ever experienced. There were actually two raids. Shortly after 8 p.m. the first raiders reached the city and continued their attack for 2 hours. Several of the main railway stations and adjoining goods yards were successfully bombed. Nearly four hours after the first raid was over the first bombers of the second wave arrived and for the next 40 minutes the city was shaken by explosions. The main elec- tric power station was hit and set on fire. Pilots said that they had seen the fire 150 miles away when on their homeward journey. Thousands of persons were caught away from their homes when the raid began. While Berlin was bombed other British planes visited se- veral other places in Germany, among them synthetic oil plants at Magdeburg, railway junctions at Osnabruck and blast furnaces in Essen. Other bombers raided 15 aerodromes in German occu- pied territory. From these widespread operations only two British aircraft failed to return. Nine Nazis Down. - LONDON, Nov. 2nd. Since dawn to-day strong for- ces of enemy fighters and fighter- bombers have tried to reach London. The first attack was rep- ulsed by British fighters and ground defences, but the second was on a much larger scale, and then a few enemy planes reached London. Nine enemy planes have been destroyed in air battles over Bri ain to-day.


Sunday Post

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