Sunday Post - 17.11.1940, Blaðsíða 1

Sunday Post - 17.11.1940, Blaðsíða 1
SKIING IN ICELAND - PAGE 2 FISH and chips, eggs and chips. matstofan brytinn, 17, Hafnarstraeti. SUNDAY POST I — 12 Sunday, Nov. 17th, 1940 Price 25 aurar Iceland’s premier Eng- lish news-sheet DAILY POST. On sale from 3 p. m. every day. Price 15 aura. Hamburg heavily bombed. R. A. F. strike in retaliation for Coventry. ---4--- Hotels, Hospitals, bouses damaged in one of Lon- dons heaviest raids. London, Nov. 16th. London, Nov. 16th. Last night bomber squadrons of the R.A.F. carried °ut an exceptionally heavy raid on Hamburg. As on the previous occasions when Hamburg has been raided, the wain targets were railway communications, ship yards, docks, oil refineries and public utility services. All the targets were hit and all the British planes returned safely. In the docks and the railway stations many fires were started and in one place a big building was completely demolished. In the Altona district a large electric station ^as hit and a gas works north of Hamburg bombed. The raid on Hamburg was the main feature of R.A.F. operations last night but attacks were also made on Kiel, Ostende and Calais. One German plane, a Messerschmitt 109 was shot down. Throughout the day the Ger- mans have been contradicting each other about the raid. They a11 agree, however, that Ham- hurg was actually bombed by heavy British forces. German ne\vs agencies say that only hospitals, churches and shops Were hit and promise severe the British bombers did not drop bombs only but also leaf- lets bearing messages of en- couragement to the Polish people. Hermans gloating over Coventry. London, Nov. 16th. The King visited Coven- try to-day and in a tour of the city saw the results of yesterday night’s ruthless bombing. The Lord Mayor of Lon- don’s Relief Fund has sent three thousand blankets to Coventry to the home- less people there. The Germans are gloa- ting over their indiscrim- inate raid on Coventry and the attack is hailed in Berlin as having been car- ried out by traditional German thoroughness. •--------------------------* Last night’s raid on Lon- don was one of the heaviest the city has ever experien- ced. Damage was chiefly confined to houses, shops and offices. Four of the raid- ers were shot down. To-day enemy activity over Britain has been very slight. A town in East An- glia has been bombed and there are reports of German planes having appeared at two points in the Hebrides. In London last night an in- tense anti-aircraft barrage kept the raiders at such a height that accurate aiming was im- possible. People say that never before have they known so many raiders over at night. The noise was so loud and con- tinuous that it must have come (Continued on page 4.) reprisals. IN ONE DAY THEY SHOT DOWN 37 GERMAN AIRCRAFT There are also reports of suc- Cessful operations carried out by aircraft of the Coastal Command. Their attacks rang- : ed from Stavanger in Norway I to towns in France. A Hudson ! Plane patrolling the Danish : c°ast destroyed a Heinkel bomber and narrowly escaped collision with the German Plane when it crashed into the sea. American correspondents in Vichy have described the de- Vastating attacks on Le Havre. Thousands of German troops have left the city and a great part of the civilians too. Ship yards and barracks have been completely wrecked and every barge between Rouen and Le Havre has been sunk. During °ne attack by the R.A.F. 500 buildings were wrecked when bombs fell on an ammunition train which was blown up. Oil refineries and tanks have been wiped out. In the recent raid on Danzig, Flying the new Defiants of the British Royal Air Force, this squadron shot down 37 German aircraft in one day without loss to itself. One gunner alone accounted for eight enemy planes.


Sunday Post

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