Sunday Post - 08.12.1940, Blaðsíða 1

Sunday Post - 08.12.1940, Blaðsíða 1
IN OCCUPIED NORWAY - PAGE 2 PMSH AND CHIPS eGGS AND CHIPS, matstofan brytinn, 17, Hafnarstraeti. Iceland’s premier Kn*- lish news-sheet DAILY POST. On sale from 3 P* m. every day. Price 15 anra. I — 15 Sunday, Dec. 8th, 1940 Price 25 aurar K. A. F. Attack German Aerodromes. ♦ Hangars and planes o.i ground machine-gunned. ------«------ London, Dec. 7th. Last nights aerodromes in occupied France and the Low Countries were successfully raided by large forces of H*e R.A.F. The raids ranged far and wide and lasted several hours. More than twenty enemy aerodromes were raided, hombed and machine-gunned. Two of the British aircraft did not return. It is sur- prising that only two bombers were lost as the pilots went ^ low down as 500 feet and raked the fields and hangars machine-gun fire. Nothing was spared to make the at- *acks as efficient as possible. raiding the interior of Greece, concentrating its attacks on undefended towns and villages of no military importance whatever. British bombers have carried out an unusually heavy attack on Vallona the principal har- bour in Albania. There were terrible explosions and several fires were started. The resignal of Marshal Badoglio has been followed by the resignal of another It- alian general, the military governor of the Dodocanese islands. According to Italian official news, he was relieved of his post by his own re- quest. This man was one of the four leaders of the fam- ous March on Rome. It is pointed out in London and America that the signific- ance of these resignals is a very clear indication of internal con- flict in Italy. When the Fascists had made a mess of things in Albania, Marshal Badoglio was called upon, but he did not want to jeopardize his brilliant record by accepting this commission just in order to save some poli- tician’s face. The Italian people must now realize that the Greek war was an adventure entered upon by Signor Musso- lini and his henchmen. * one aerodrome in France C Pi^ts saw fragments of bu- Uigs flying in every direc- 1011 after what they described ^ a “spectacular explosion.” ear Lille a store of petrol was on fire and at another Ger- rnan aerodrome several enemy Planes on the ground were de- stroyed. 1° the Low Countries the father was worse* than in nance. There were dense cl°uds so that the pilots had to sPend several hours in locating their targets. One British bomb- er was attacked by three enemy fighters but succeeded in es- caping. Almost every aerodrome from which the German plan- es set out for raids on Britain was searched out and heavily bombed. These extensive operations did not interfere with the usu- al raids on the invasion ports. Boulogne, Le Havre and Ostend were successfully bombed. Greek advance in Albania. Italian Fascists and Army at loggerheads ■■■—- ■ » A , ■ — London, Dec. 7th. latest Greek communi- ^Ue has confirmed earlier re- Pprts of the capture of St. '‘<uaranta. The town was CaPtured after heavy fight- and the Greeks are pus- ^8 on north from the town a TjPg the coast to Vallona. he Italians had pillaged and Prnt the town before they Artillery and aircraft ad hindered the Italians in ^y^euating the town by sea. /^hen the Greek troops en- ^ed the town they saw an Italian destroyer half sub- merged in the harbour. News agencies say that Ar- gyrocastro has already been abandoned by the Italians but this news is not officially con- firmed. One news agency even reports that the Italians had pillaged and burnt the town. The most recent reports speak of heavy fighting in the north where the Greeks in spite of snow and fog have occupied new positions and captured many prisoners. The Italian air force has been The indiscriminate bombing of London by the German raiders •pares no historic landmark. These ornamental lamp-posts out- side the Palace of Westminster, known to generations of Lon- doners and visitors, are being removed and stored until after the war. Removed For Safety.


Sunday Post

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