Sunday Post - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 1

Sunday Post - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 1
COURAGEOUS LONDONERS - PAGE 2 FISH AND CHIPS. EGGS AND CHIPS. matstofan brytinn, 17, Hafnarstrasti. SUNDAY Iceland’s premier Eng- lish news-sheet. DAILY POST. . On sale from 8 a. m. every day. Price 15 aura. 1 — 16 Sunday, Dec. 15th, 1940 Price 25 aurar Hamburg has had 60 raids and is now un- recognizable. Blackshirts make desperate counter attacks - are repelled everywhere. London, Dec. 14th. The latest news from Egypt is given in the Army and Air Force communique issued in Cairo late this afternoon. British troops continue to advance and press back the enemy. The Italians are endeavouring to make stand at the Libyan frontier. The Italian communique admits that there has been heavy fighting at the frontier and claims that a number of counter attacks have been made. These attacks which were carried out by Blackshirts are said to have been desperate but of no avail. Clearance of the battlefield ls going on and it is now known that some 26.000 Italians have been captured. Immense quan- tities of guns, tanks, lorries, Munitions and fuel have been captured. Throughout the last 24 hours British fighters and bombers' have been harassing the ene- my, making raids on aero- dromes, landing grounds, fuel dumps, ammunition stores and bombing and machine-gunning transport and troops. Heavy raids have been made °n Tobrouk and Bardia where several enemy planes were des- troyed on the ground. Yester- day’s bag was 15 Italian air- craft. The British lost 4 Gla- diators but the pilots of three °f them are safe. Up to Thurs- day the enemy had lost 41 air- craft. The R.A.F. have complete mastery in the air. The Italian air force could bring no effec- tive pressure to bear on the British forces. It is announced that the R.A.F. have carried out a num- ber of successful raids in East Africa. The first Italian prisoners arrived in Alexandria to-day. Many of them were badly wounded. The British soldiers gave them cigarettes and tried to cheer them. Some prisoners have been taken aboard Brit- ish ships to faciliate transport. The battle in the desert has been described as one of the most skilfull operations in the history of the British army. Italians evacuate Vallona. London, Dec. 14th. Unconfirmed reports from Athens state that the Italians have already evacuated Val- lona. Greek troops are in Sl&ht of Chiamara and pri- soners who have been cap- tured there have told the t*reeks that the Italians will r^t be able to make stand at this point of the coast. Agency reports state that Du- razzo has been bombed so ef- fectively by the R.A.F. that the | harbour can not be used any j longer and for some days no lorries or other means of con- veyance have been seen on the road from Tirana to Durazzo. The Greek communique speaks of heavy fighting in the north where the Italians seem to have decided to make a firm stand. They are however in difficulties as munitions and food have to be brought by air- craft. A communique issued by British Headquarters in Athens states that owing to bad Weath- er no bombing was possible in Albania last night. Lull in raids on Britain German activity over Brit- ain was very slight last night. Yesterday no bomb dropped on British soil. After a lull of several days German long range guns shell- ed Dover for an hour this after- noon. London, Dec. 14th. Despite bad weather last night British bombers attack- ed several military objectives in Germany and German occu- pied territory. At Bremen the glow of huge fires lit up the sky when the British raiders had dropped their bombs on railway junctions, goods yards and docks. At Kiel shipyards and docks were heavily bomb- ed. Bordeaux had a particularly heavy attack and a great ex- plosion near the German sub- (Continued on page 4.) Meeting Air Attack at Sea. The 5-inch rapid-firing multiple anti-aircraft gun on one of Britain’s greatest battleships goes into action against an enemy plane.


Sunday Post

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