Sunday Post - 29.12.1940, Blaðsíða 1

Sunday Post - 29.12.1940, Blaðsíða 1
SPITFIRE V. MESSERS CH M I DT PAGE 2 A Happy New Year. Sunday Post 0 Iceland’s premier Eng- lish news-sheet. DAILY POST. On sale from 8 a. m. every day. Price 15 aura. Sunday, Dec. 29th, 1940 Price 25 aurar on Bardia tightens. More than 38,000 prisoners have been« captured since the offensive began. London, Dec. 28th. According to reports from Cairo, there is steady Brit- ish progress in the Middle East. The communique issued to-day by General Army Headquarters in Cairo states that the concentration of the British forces round Bardia pro- ceeds smoothly. Operations to clean up the country west of the town proceed. Four more guns have been captured from the Italians. The prisoners captufed since the offensive began have now been counted and proved to to- tal 38.114, most of them Ita- lians. The R.A.F. report reconnais- sance flights over enemy terri- tory yesterday. The British air- craft met with no opposition from the Italians. Aircraft of the South African Air Force have raided an ene- my position in Eritrea, causing considerable damage. In an air battle near Cassala one Italian bomber was shot down in flames. The British planes suf- fered no damage. London, Dec. 28th. One of the main features of the R.A.F. raids last night was a particularly heavy at- tack on Bordeaux. Although weather conditions were un- favourable and consequently very difficult to locate the target the British bombers saw many of their bombs fall among hangars. They were Raiding the big German aero- drome at Bordeaux, where the large German bombers which are such a menace to The Italians admit to-day the loss of an Italian submarine, operating in the Atlantic- They also admit the loss of one bom- ber. The Russian newspaper, the Red Star, says that in view of the oil supplies of the warring countries it must be stated that Italy’s position is desperate. The British hombers have con- centrated their attacks on Ger- man and Italian oil plants, re- fineries and stores. The longer the war lasts the wider these operations will become and all the more difficult for the Axis powers to get oil supplies. shipping in the Atlantic have their base. Another heavy attack was carried out on Lorient where docks, drydocks, barracks and a power station were hit. In daylight yesterday one enemy supply ship was set on fire and another hit off Norway. These attacks were carried out by R.A.F. bombers and aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm. The Admiralty communique states that a heavy attack was made on Haugesund where the jetty was hit and an enemy sup- ply ship. Hits were scored on harbour buildings and an anti- aircraft battery silenced by machine-gun fire- Off Egesund, a small Nor- wegian town, a beam dive at- tack was made in the dark on an enemy supply ship and fire set to it. When the bombers left, smoke was seen pouring out of the ship. One of the planes flew so low over Ege- sund that the pilot could see people skating on a pond near- by. Greek troops advance despite heavy snow- storms. London, Dec. 28th. Reports from Athens state that the Greeks have advanced north of Chimara. The conditions in which the Greeks are fighting have been described by a Reuters corre- spondent. He says that the ene- my is often hidden by the snow storms and the advancing Greek troops may expect am- bushes and even to meet packs of wolves. Prince Paul was given an en- thusiastic welcome when he visited the troops at the Alba- nian frontier. One officer offer- ed him an Italian revolver and when the Prince said that he could not accept this souvenir as the officer would doubtless like to keep it, the officer said: “Take it Your Highness, I am sure to get another.’’ German threat to II. S. The Germans have announc- ed that if any American ships will be sent with food to Eire they will be sunk. This is a new attempt to in- fluence the policy of the U.S.A. Heavy air raids oa London last night. A number of people killed and injured. London, Dec. 28th. There has been very little enemy activity over Britain to- day. Early this morning a single enemy raider was spotted over Merseyside and chased away by anti-aircraft fire. Last night London bore the brunt :of the attacks. The Air Ministry and the Home Securi- ty communiques state that many bombs were dropped on the capital and damage done in several districts. A number of people were killed and others injured. Many fires were start- ed but most of these were dealt with quickly and efficiently. Rescue Work. An English clergyman carries away the treasures bf his church, covering them with a steel helmet. His wife was killed when a German bomb hit the church. Devastating raid on enemy aerodrome near Bordeaux. ----*---- Aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm attack Ger- man supply ships olf Norway.


Sunday Post

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