What is Timarit.is?

Timarit.is is a digital library where millions of pages in digital format are made available on the Internet. This gives access to the printed cultural heritage that is preserved in newspapers and periodicals of the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland. The access is open to everyone and the material is made available by using the latest methods in information technology. The goal is to enhance access to printed newspapers and periodicals and to enable new methods for researchers. In addition to general news and advertisements the newspapers and periodicals contain and refer to many diverse subjects like literature, history, politics, business, trade and industry. Users can search the database both by using fixed terms title and country, and by using full text search. They can also browse through the material and print selected pages. The digital library will steadily accumulate more titles from the participating countries.

Timarit.is is a collaborative project between the

Material selected for digitalization

Each library decides for its part what material is to be digitized and made available on the Internet. In the first phase of the project The National and University Library of Iceland digitised almost every Icelandic newspaper and periodical printed before 1920. Presently the goal is to include all national newspapers from the beginning to the present and selected periodicals as well. In all cases every issue is digitised. Copyright laws and agreements with publishers determine what titles can be made available at the web site. For some titles the publisher has decided on an embargo period, typically the last 2- 4 years.

Project statistics

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Questions and comments about the website can be directed at timarit (hjá) landsbokasafn.is