Leisure section

Leisure section - 16.02.2005, Blaðsíða 1

Leisure section - 16.02.2005, Blaðsíða 1
POLAR ROLLER RINK a :■ ' Y^rth Cento /p THREE FUGS OUB Your ALL HANDS Dining Facility VOLUME 6 ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 16, 2005 TOU WEEK What’s Happening at the Windbreaker THURSDAY FEBRUARY 17 ........Body Sculpting - Gym Matchslick Men, PG13 - Ch.20 taa Innch/Beef Burgundy Dinner Buffet - TFC ;/Sloppy Joes........- Bock Alley Grill is Dinner/Northern Lights-Windbreaker FRIDAY FEBRUARY 18 [. Deliver Us From Eva, R - Ch.20 Gym Open Oify Lunch/Coiibbean&Lntin Dinner - TFC iger Food Combo..Back Aliev Grill . Ladies Night Out-Tour Office ..Blue Lagoon - Windbreaker Card Game Night-Teen Centei SATURDAY FEBRUARY 19 Buffet/Scandnavian Dinner Buffer TFC Pilates - Gym at Blue Mountain - Tour Office Wk.end - Akureyri - Tour Office [t Snaefellsness - Windbreaker . Top of the Rocks - Teen Center SUNDAY FEBRUARY 20 \......Breakfast Buffet - TFC He Mountain Ski Trip - Tour Office ................-Windbreakei MONDAY FEBRUARY 21 .... Holiday, No Movie-Ch. 20 ipyJoes.......- Back Alley Grill ..............Gym Open isidenfs Day Bowling - Arctic Bowl TUESDAY FEBRUARY 22 f.......AM Step Aerobics-Gym 9am&8piB|.................Ray, PG13 - Ch. 20 11 am-1 pm.j........BBQ Ribs Lunch Buffet - TFC Hot DogsKBLT................-Back Alley Grill 5:3M:3o/6Bopm ... Adult/Kids Tae Kwon Do - Gym 7pm.. . Madden Tournament - Windbreaker EDNESDAY FEBRUARY 23 Spongebob Movie, PG - Ch.20 Coddi lundi/Mongobi BBQ Diner Buffer-TTC Back Alley Grill Lo-lmpact - Gym .. .Pilates - Gym Movie Night-Windbreaker Wednesday, February 16 Movie Night starts at 7PM. Thursday, February 17 Dinner at Cafe Duus and North- ern Lights Tour van leaves at 6pm. Enjoy a nice dinner in Keflavik and then on a hunt for amazing North- ern Lights. The Northern Lights tour is Weather Permitting. Be sure to bring Kronur and or credit card Friday, February 18 Evening at the Blue Lagoon. En- joy an evening at the Blue Lagoon for the ultimate experience in re- laxation. Van leaves at 6PM. Tick- ets are at the Windbreaker for $12. Saturday, February 19 Weekend Trip to Snaefallsness van leaves at 11 am. Be sure to bring Kronur and or credit card. Cost $150 Sign up fast max of 10 peo- ple! Be sure to bring warm cloth- ing, swim suit, hiking shoes, tow- els, and food for the weekend. Sunday, February 20 Weekend Trip to Snaefallsness Monday, February 21 Van Returns from Weekend Trip to Snaefallsness Tuesday, February 22 Madden 2005 Tournament Starting at 7pm. Show off your skills in the Madden 2005 Football Tournament! DINNER AT CAFE DUU2 & NORTHERN LIGHTS HUNT ivm-'S’ BREAKER THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 17 VAN LEAVES AT 6PM Wednesday, February 23 Movie Night starts at 7PM. Thursday, February 24 Plan Your Icelandic summer Let us know what you would like to do! Friday, February 25 Ice Skating in Reykjavik van leaves at 6pm. Cost is ISK 900 so be sure to bring Kronur and or credit card. Saturday, February 26 Afternoon at Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is ultimate experi- ence in relaxation. Van leaves at 1PM. Tickets are available at the Windbreaker for $ 12. Sunday, February 27 Blue Mountain Skiing Trip. Hit the slopes for an all day adven- ture! Van leaves at Noon, Be sure to bring Kronur and or credit card. Weather Permitting! Monday, February 28 Fitness Awareness, Information on how to live a healthy lifestyle. BREAKER Facility Hours For February 18 & 21 The following facilities will have modified hours of operation for the holiday weekend: A.E. House Gymnasium Friday Feb. 18 - 10am-6pm Monday Feb. 21 - 10am-6pm Library Friday Feb. 18 - 10am-6pm Monday Feb. 21 - Closed Arctic Bowl Friday Feb. 18 - 10am-11 pm Monday Feb. 21 - 12pm-8pm Auto Hobby Shop Friday Feb. 18 - 9am-9pm Monday Feb. 21 - Closed CDC/CDH Friday Feb. 18 Regular Hours Monday Feb. 21 - Closed Youth Center Friday Feb. 18 Regular Hours Monday Feb. 21 - Closed All other MWR facilities will be open their normal operating hours Friday Feb- ruary 18th and Monday February 21st. Navy Morale Welfare and Recreation Mission First... Sailors Always ElSUf igpcnoN 05" ©a Please direct all correspondence to: Leisure Section: Box 43 • Phone #7536 email:mwr.daw@mwr.is Name is required on all correspondence.


Leisure section

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