Leisure section

Leisure section - 09.03.2005, Blaðsíða 1

Leisure section - 09.03.2005, Blaðsíða 1
VOLUME 6 ISSUE 10 MARCH 9, 2005 THIS wm THURSDAY MARCH 10 ed Gun 2 1/2, PG13-Ch.20 :o Lunch/Beef Burgundy Dinner Buffet-K /Sloppy Joes......- Bock Alley Grill iop ... Adult/Kids Toe Kwon Do - Gym Rock Climbing at Kilfurhus ■ Windbreaker FRIDAY MARCH 11 ....Wall Street, R-Ch.20 Ysa Orly Lunch/Steok Night Dinner - TFC ger Food Combo..Back Alley Gi " .....Ladies Night Out - Tour Office riday Night Cookout - Windbreaker .............Belly Dancing - Gym . Comedy Movie Night ■ Teen Center SATURDAY MARCH 12 Buffet/Steak Night Dinner Buffet TFC Pilates - Gym iing of Blue Mountain - Tour Office lefellsness Day Trip ■ Tour Office ck Riding Tour - Windbreaker -peed Tournament-Teen Center SUNDAY MARCH 13 ... Breakfast Buffet ■ TFC lue Mountain Ski Trip ■ Tour Office .Golden Circle Tour-Windbreaker MONDAY MARCH 14 Danny Deckchair, PG13-Ch. 20 ipy Joes......- Back Alley Grill Step - Gym Pilates-Gym Dinner at Rain - Windbreaker TUESDAY MARCH 15 etermined by Mediation - Ch. 20 .... BBQ Ribs Lunch Buffet-TFC .............-Back Alley Grill 5:3M:30/i i... Adulf/Kids Tae Kwon Do - Gym 7pm... .. Halo 2 Tournament - Windbreaker m&8pm. 1 lam-lptn. Hot Dogs /Bt WEDNESDAY MARCH 16 ermined by Mediathon-0i20 fakr Lunch/ Mangoim BBQ Direr Buffet ■ IK los...........-Back Alley Grill Lo4mpact - Gym .. .Pilates-Gym Movie Night-Windbreaker Congratulations to Alex Oddo and Hayley Taimanglo Congratulations to Hayley Taimanglo for complet- ing her two year module training program at the Child Development Center. Hayley was presented a certificate of achievement on February 25th in her preschool classroom (The Enrichment Program) by the CDC Director Gina Freeman. Hayley has been working at the CDC since November 2002. She has supported the center by working in the toddler room before the Enrichment Program opened and has touched so many families by providing qual- ity, loving care to the children in her classroom. Completing the modules is an incredible achieve- ment; the Keflavik community is fortunate to have someone like Hayley Taimanglo. Alex Oddo was also presented with a certificate of achievement on February 25th in her Enrichment classroom by the CDC Director Gina Freeman for her completion of the preschool modules. Alex came to the Keflavik community with her Master’s Degree in special education and has been a huge P A R E N T 2 - ^ MARCH 19 i TIME: 6:00PM-10:00PM FOR: CHILDREN GRADES K-61 & 6 WEEKS TO AGE 5 REGISTER MARCH 4TH - MARCH 16TH ^e\opme*. mi \ ■9 SC, kefLA. Center FOR ALL BA2E RESIDENTS. SPACES LIMITED r RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE. CHILDREN IN GRADES K-6 REGISTER AT THE YOUTH CENTER BLDG. 179. PLEASE BRING REGISTRATION, e MEDICAL POWER OF ATTORNEY. CHILDREN AGES 6 WEEKS-5 YEARS (NOT IN KINDERGARTEN) REGISTER AT THE CDC BLDG. 774. PLEASE BRING REGISTRATION. MEDI- CAL POWER OF ATTORNEY r SHOT RECORDS. PLEASE CALL THE CDC AT 7603/7597 OR THE YOUTH CENTER AT 7503 WITH ANY QUESTIONS. asset to the Enrichment Program as well as a Lead Educational Technician to the Child Development Center. The children in her program helped her celebrate this incredible achievement. ^etoPme^ Employment Opportunities at the Youth/Teen Centers The Youth and Teen Centers cur- rently have openings for employ- ment including Educational Aides and a GS School-Age Coordinator/ Asst. Director position open through HRO. Please contact MWR Person- nel at 2673 for information on the Educational Aides and HRO for in- formation on the GS position. C£A/T££ Mfp ... ju-. Please direct all correspondence to: Leisure Section: Box 43 • Phone #7536 email:mwr.daw@mwr.is Name is required on all correspondence.


Leisure section

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