Leisure section

Leisure section - 20.10.2005, Blaðsíða 1

Leisure section - 20.10.2005, Blaðsíða 1
Navy Morale Welfare and Recreation THE r POLAR ■ ’“fig"' %*!■ W Youth Center LEISURE SECTION ^1E£N cemz # Sr] A.E. HOUSE GYMNASIUM The (ievsir Rooi Coffee oar & Pi! ,r fe Office THEATER m AUTO HOBBY SHOP 7* VOLUME 6 ISSUE 42 OCTOBER 20, 2005 Early Childhood and Teen Conference Every year, Child and Youth Pro- grams (CYP) hosts an Early Child- hood Conference. The goal is to educate and enlighten individuals on techniques and skills on how to better communicate with our children. This year CYP has again partnered with other organizations on NAS Keflavik - the Elementary and High School, Fleet and Family Support Center, the Hospital and many others - and made a cooperative effort to bring you this year’s 4th Annual Early Childhood and Teen Conference. It takes many people and volunteers to organize such a big event and CYP is grateful for all of the help they are receiving. Mrs. Jane Richardson, MWR’s Training Cur- riculum Specialist, says “This is truly a reflection of how our community supports and cares for our children.” The theme for this year is “Partnering to Nurture Our Children”. The conference is open to all and will begin at 8:30 am at the Elementary School on Saturday, November 19. All attendees will meet and have time for coffee before starting classes/workshops at 9 am. A light lunch will be provided by MWR and during this break participants will have the pleasure to listen to our guest speaker Mrs. Karen Karadimov, LICSW, MBA, Director of Fleet and Family Support Cen- ter. Workshops will resume after lunch and will end at 2 pm. There are a total of 4 50-minute sessions that will be broken up throughout the day. Details on the pro- gram can be found in the booklets located at the Elementaiy School, High School, Youth Center, Child Development Center and at the Fleet and Family Support Cen- ter. Registration forms are located in the booklets (last page) and can be filled out and returned to the facilities by Wednesday, November 9. Booklets will be available for pick-up starting Monday October 24. This conference is open to all -parents, volunteers, teachers-interested in making a difference in a child’s life. Through the classes and workshops offered, you will learn how to strengthen your relationships with children and help develop their social and emotional skills, you can learn simple Sign Language, or even learn new methods on how to help children thrive in their classroom and home environment. These are just a few topics that will be covered during the conference. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to sign up for this year’s Conference. This is one event you don’t want to miss. Help us support and nurture your children! Following is a list of classes and workshop offered. Details on the classes can be found in the booklets available for pick up at the above mentioned facilities. Inclusion Fidget Toys and More Steve Spangler Science Why Language Arts is Important to Early Childhood Development Simple Sign Language for Early Communication Teen Sexual Behaviors and the Internet Influence Sensory Defensiveness Look at Me for Who I Am Mom! Can you take us to the mall? 1 -2-3 Magic The Think Space Ages and Stages Teaching Teens Assertiveness Listening and Being Heard Teen Talk Classes are offered by professional instructors and teachers from the CYP, Elementary and High School. For details and more information you are wel- comed to call 6337. Please direct all correspondence to: Leisure Section: Box 43 • Phone #7536 email:mwr.mi@mwr.is Name is required on all correspondence. Congratulations to the NAS Officer Spouses’ Club for being selected as this year’s 1st place in the booth decoratin con- test. The NASOSC theme was considered to be the most in keeping with this year’s theme, “Fall.” Congratulations are also in order for the NCTAMS LANT First Class Petty Officer Association for 2nd place, and to NAS Security who received 3rd place. This year’s Fall Carnival was another big success. Hangar 885 was packed with people from 10 am until 4 pm at clos- ing time. Children of all ages (including adults) had a great time. There was a lot of good food, games, and rides for all to enjoy. MWR thanks all commands and organizations, and espe- cially all volunteers that helped out with set-up, clean-up, and tear-down.


Leisure section

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