The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 07.11.1980, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 07.11.1980, Blaðsíða 1
WHITE November 7, 1980 Volume 23, Number 44 Keflavik, Iceland FALCON •A 0< News briefs PTO Carnival next week The PTO carnival is just around the corner. It's a week from tomorrow in Hangar 885. This annual event will feature a variety of booths, entertainment and food. This event is a major fund raising project for the Parent Teacher Organization. The PTO carnival is traditionally a full day of entertainment for all NATO base personnel to enjoy. Fil-Am potluck tomorrow The Filipino-American Association will hold a potluck-style Hail & Bless tomorrow at 5 p.m. in the Com- munity Center. A General Assembly meeting will follow, and all members and family are encouraged to attend. Marine Corps Birthday Ball The Marine Corps Ball will be keld Monday in the 0' Club. The 11 which begins at 6:30 p.m. will re by invitation only as the number of seats is limited. The Marine Corps celebrates its 205th anniversary Monday. See story page 2. Gospel Choir Wednesday A Gospel Choir meets every Wed- nesday in the USO Music Room at 7 p.m. If this form of worship is appealing to you, call the Choir Director, Lee Jamerson at Rockville extension 61 or 42. CNO Retention Team meeting All hands are invited to the Chief of Naval Operations Retention Team meeting November 10 at 8 a.m. at Andrews Theater. The team will discuss rights and benefits gained and being pursued for military members. The meeting will last about 2% hours with a question and answer session. Some model planes illegal Some radio control model air- planes which operate on stateside frequencies are not authorized for use in Iceland. If you have a radio controlled del aircraft, either purchased at e Navy Exchange or from another ource, contact Chief Petty Officer Farrow at extension 4313 before you fly into trouble. Ho-Boo! Halloween "trick or treaters" were everywhere Friday night. A full bag of candy and a trip to the House of Horrors - a complete night for any child. (Photo by J02 Fisher) Pres. Carter proclaims Nov. 11 Veteran's Day Washington (AFNS) - "On Veterans Day, 1980, we pay tribute to 30 mil- lion living and 14 million deceased patriots who served in our armed forces so that you and I might live in freedom," President Carter said in proclaiming Nov. 11 as Veterans Day. "We must honor these men and committing ourselves anew to the task of ensuring that the freedoms they helped to pre- serve and the nation they fought to defend will be safe and secure for future generations of Ameri- cans. "I call upon all Americans to support the Veteran- Day theme, 'A Grateful Nation Remembers,' to show their gratitude by visi- ting ill and disabled veterans in Veterans Administration medical centers across the country." Proud Spirit-- an exercise in readiness The Iceland Defense Force is participating in exercise Proud Spirit '80, a command post exercise sponsored by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The exercise began yesterday and will continue through November 26. Proud Spirit '80 is designed to test the military services' and JCS' plans, systems and procedures for mobilization and deployment. Each Iceland Defense Force command will participate to some extent. As the exercise is a mobilization exercise, Air Forces Iceland, Naval Forces Iceland, Naval Communications Sta- tion Iceland and IceDeFor will be most heavily involved. Basically a command post exercise means that situations are simulated. As an example, a situation might be given such as five aircraft sched- uled to land at Keflavik, and host commands will need to provide food and housing for 500 men for three days, refuel and equip the aircraft. The aircraft will then proceed to another simulated strategic point. Although the exercise is done on paper, that is, the aircraft and personnel won't actually land, commands will need to reveal whether or not they could carry out the mission. Thus, current operating plans and procedures are tested for their feasibility and effectiveness. Proud Spirit '80 exercises pro- cedures to expand the active com- ponents by simulating the mobiliza- tion of all units in the approved force, all individual reservists and the logistic, communications, medi- cal and industrial resources to support this effort. Ronald Reagan wins election details in next week's edition


The White Falcon

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