Daily Bulletin

Daily Bulletin - 21.10.1940, Blaðsíða 4

Daily Bulletin - 21.10.1940, Blaðsíða 4
4 DAILY BULLETIN ___ NYJA BSD _______ Running this week: Three Smart Girls Grow Up. Starring DEANNA DURBIN with Nan Grey, Helen Parrish and Charles Winninger. Nightly at 7 and 9 p. m. R.A.F.-planes over the continent. (Continued from Page 1). back in London for general con- versation with the government. Three months ago, he stated, people in the U.S.A. felt Britain would go — but not now. Lord Lothian said also: I can’t re- present England unless I know condition in England at the present time. — Seven German planes were shot down in raids on England yesterday and 2 last night. The raiders visited London and the Midlands and isolated attacks are reported from many places. To day is Trafalgar-day, when Nelson smashed Napo- leons last hope of invading Britain. The British Fleet is still on guard as in Nelson’s day. Only last week a whole convoy of German ships (5) was sunk, Cherbourg and Dunkuerque were shelled, 3 Italian destroy- ers sunk, 4 German destroyers chased from Land’s End to Brest, a German trawler sunk near the French coast and Brit- ish submarine in the Mediterr- anean sank 11.800 tons of Ital- ian shipping. A successful raid has been made on the German flyingboat base at Tromso, 1000 miles from the nearest British base, i. e. the Orkney Islands. THE POCKET DICTIONARIES: English-lcelandic and Icelandic-English may now be obtained at any bookshop all over Iceland. The Books were sold out in a few days, but have now been reprinted. ' Whoever has these books in his pocket can make him- self understood to the Ice- landic people without know- ing Icelandic. Gamla Bio: LOVE vs. DUTY IN DRAMA OF NURSING “VIGIL IN THE NIGHT” What is the answer when duty transcends the call of love? Is the duty of a nurse to- ward the Suffering more im- portant than the cries of her own heart for romance? “Vigil in the Night,” A. J. __ GAMLA BiO ______________ Vigil in the night with Carole Lombard, Brian Aherne, Anne Shirley. Cronin’s sensational novel of the human side of nursing, con- cerns itself dramatically with these vital problems, which are faced and solved by the heroine. Carole Lombard, Brian Aherne and Anne Shirley are the stars. It is Miss Lombard’s greatest dramatic role, and advance notices give her salvos of praise for her impersonation of the nurse whose fervent dedication of self to duty takes her from one intensely drama-, tic situation to another. Brian Aherne portrays the surgeon who thinks duty should be leavened with love, and Anne Shirley plays the student nurse who hates duty and its sacri- fices and pays tragically for her negligence. DAILY BULLETIN Publishers: , Axel Thorsteinson. Herstelnn Palsson. Expedition: Daily Visir’s expedition (opposite Gamla BI6). Printed by Steindorsprent h.f. 0


Daily Bulletin

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