Sunday Post - 08.09.1940, Blaðsíða 1

Sunday Post - 08.09.1940, Blaðsíða 1
5UNQRY P05T I — 2 Sunday, September 8th 1940 Price: 25 aurar London’s Biggest Air Raid. •--- Hundreds of German bombers attack. London, September 7th. London has had its biggest air raid so far. Late this afternoon hundreds of Ger- man bombers escorted by fighters made a series of attacks on the London area. When each wave had been beaten off more German formations appeared. The bark of anti-aircraft guns, roar of engines, burst- ing of shells and whistling of bombs made an inferno of noise. So far there is no news of the results of this raid. BOMBS DROPPED IN MOST DISTRICTS OF ENGLAND. London, September 7th. An Air Ministry communique issued this afternoon states that attacks on Eng- land during this morning had been on a reduced scale. Last night bombs were dropped in most districts of England but the damage may be considered small except in a London suburb where bombs were dropped on a densely populated working class district. Several houses were destroyed and there were many casualties. A bomb hit a block of flats but by amazing luck only one per- son was killed. This morning people could be seen in the streets carrying away what was left to them of their possessions in prams and wheelbarrows. LAST NIGHT S RAID ON BERLIN. London, September 7th. A Swedish correspondent in Berlin says that according to well-informed circles in Berlin 3 groups of British planes approach- ed Berlin from the west last night. Two of them were driven off but one succeeded in penetrating the city’s defences. The pilots had to drop parachute flares to find their targets. After the raid which lasted three hours the glow of many fires could be seen in the north parts of the town. As usually the Germans accuse the British pilots of having dropped their bombs on residential areas but an American corre- spondent says that most of the bombs had fallen close to military objectives or scored direct hits on them. The French side of the English Channel came in for a heavy punishment last night. MESSERSCHMITTS OFFERED FOR SALE. London, September 7th. The British are offering two Messer- schmitts for sale in America. They are to be sold at £ 25000 each, or — in case of competition — to the highest bidder. Lord Beaverbrook will guarantee the delivery of the planes in New York. The money will be used to buy planes for the R.A.F.


Sunday Post

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