Sunday Post - 22.09.1940, Blaðsíða 1

Sunday Post - 22.09.1940, Blaðsíða 1
s SWEDEN IN THE NUTCRACKERS - PAGE 2 English books. — English stationery. THE ENGLISH BOOKSHOP. SUNDAY POST Iceland’s premier Eng- lish news-sheet. DAILY POST. On sale from 3 p. m. every day. Price 15 aura. I — 4 Sunday, September 22th 1940. Price 25 aurar London Underground to be Used as Shelter. London’s Third Quiet Day. T t was announced in London yesterday that the under- ground line between Holborn and Aldwych is to he closed for traffic and made available for use as an air raid shelter. This measure has been taken as a result of en- quiries made by the authorities during the last few days with regard to the overcrowding caused by the use of under- ground stations as air raid shelters. People have recently taken to buying a penny ticket, taking their bedding for the night down on to the platforms. The new measure will provide ample shelter for many thousands of people. The Government, however, has issued an appeal to able-bodied men not to take shelter in the tubes. Damage repaired. There has been little day- light air activity over London f°r the last three days and the time has been employed in clearing away debris and re- pairing the damage caused by the heavy raids in the early part °f the week. Glass and other Wreckage has been removed, gas and water mains repaired and shutters placed over brok- en windows. The Lord Mayor of London broadcasting to America Satur- day afternoon paid a tribute to the magnificent work of Lon- don’s A.R.P. services and es- pecially to the work of the fire brigades in getting the numer- ous fires caused by the raids quickly under control and pre- venting the extensive damage which might have occurred if they had been allowed to spread. He also paid tribute to the admirable spirit of the ci- vil population and stated that so far from being shaken by the events of the last two Weeks the Londoners are now ready for anything. “London,” concluded the Lord Mayor, “shall and will be defended to the very last.” Jot so bad as we expected”. It is now exactly two weeks i since the “blitzkrieg” on Lon- ' don started and according to | reports from London yesterday the general feeling is the ac- tual experience of air raids is nothing like as bad as most people had understood. In spite of the completely indiscrimin- ate nature of the bombing ca- sualties have not been high though damage to property has been considerable. Friday night’s raids have given furt- her examples of what has been described as “the apparently magnetic attraction of churches and hospitals for Nazi bombs” when a famous London Non Conformist church was almost completely wrecked by a bomb. The only part of the church to remain standing was the Lin- coln Tower which was erected to commemorate the abolition of slavery in America. Nazis arrested in Uruguay Uruguay is taking firm ac- tion to suppress the activities of Nazi agents. In addition to the five arrests previously ann- ounced, three more Germans have been arrested on the char- ge of taking part in anti-Uru- guayan activities. This is re- garded as confirmation of Pre- sident Roosevelt’s recent re- marks on the close cooperation between Uruguay and the Uni- ted States in resisting any at- tempt to invade the American continent. Once and Ribben trop discuss Africa. II Duce and Herr von Rib- bentrop have probably been discussing other methods than invasion to crush the British Empire. The Italian press says that now the British predomin- ance on the European continent is finished, steps must be taken for the elimination of the Brit- ish from Africa. The German Radio is passing the time by repeating the Ita- lian threats to Egypt which now “is to be liberated from the British yoke”. Meanwhile the Italians are wearily realizing that their in- vasion of Egypt will be no more a pic-nic than the German in- vasion of England. German soldiers tir- ing of .invasion drill' On Friday night strong for- ces of the R.A.F. again attacked the enemy invasion bases at Calais, Boulogne, Dieppe, Os- tende, and Antwerp. Further damage was done to military stores and enemy shipping. Watchers on the English coast saw the flashes from continual gun fire, parachute flares, and exploding bombs. Other units revisited distribution centres and aerodromes in Germany. Two of the British planes failed to return. According to reports from Holland the Germans are con- stantly drilling troops for the invasion. They are kept in the barges in order to get used to the sea and many of them have been drowned and are being washed ashore every day as a result of the British bombing of the invasion barges. German soldiers who have refused to take part in this drill have been sent to Germany with their hands tied behind their backs. News in Brief. The second arrival in Canada of children from England was announced yesterday. The children came from Suffolk, Kent, Sussex, and Surrey. Yesterday Great Britain wel- comed the 11th contingent of troops from Newfoundland. The Lord Mayor of London’s Red Cross and St. John’s Fund now stands at £ 3,175,000. About £100,000 have already been distributed. More gifts are also being re- ceived for aircraft. On Saturday morning, short- ly before dawn, Alexandria had an air raid warning. Bombs were dropped and 9 people were hurt. Damage to property was negligible. This was the 8th raid Alexandria has had in the present month. Bulgarian troops have marc- hed into Dobruja in accordance with the agreement between Roumania and Bulgaria. Ac- cording to reports from Bul- garia they were warmly wel- comed by villagers. There have been so many awkward questions in Rouma- nia concerning German offi- cials wearing uniform, who may be seen everywhere in the country, that the authorities have found it necessary to ex- plain that those men are only assisting at the repatriaton of some 90.000 Germans from Bessarabia, who are now stay- ing in Roumania on their way to Germany. It has now been learnt that at present about 200 complete planes are being sent a month from the U.S.A. to Great Brit- ain. The production will soon be greater especially since the Packard automobile works have begun making Rolls Royce engines.


Sunday Post

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