Sunday Post - 20.10.1940, Blaðsíða 1

Sunday Post - 20.10.1940, Blaðsíða 1
NAZI TERRORISM IN DENMARK - PAGE 2 English books. — English stationery. THE ENGLISH BOOKSHOP. SUNDAY POST Iceland’s premier Knf- lish news-sheet. DAILY POST. On sale from 3 p. m. every day. Price 15 aura. I — 8 Sunday, October 20th 1940 Price 25 aurar British and American trusts supply Japan with oil. <*--- London, Oct. 19th. There has been no confirmation of the yesterday’s news that American and British-Dutch oil trusts were going to sell Japan 40% of the oil she required for the next 6 months. The Japanese trade delegates are still in Batavia where negotiations with representatives of the oil trusts have been carried on for the last 6 weeks. Tokio feels confident that the negotiations will soon be concluded to the satisfaction of the Japanese. Official circles in London know nothing of immediate agreement. In New York and throughout America this news has aroused a storm of indignation. The Japanese have announc- ed that a successful air raid has been made on the Burma road in the province of Yunnan. This news has not been confirmed. In China it is pointed that this part of the road winds through mountainous terrain where dive bombing is practically im- possible. Besides, the drivers leave an interval of one mile between each truck. The first 500 lorries which crossed the frontier were of American make and all of them new. According to reports from Indo-China the Japanese have 18.000 troops in the country. Of these 6000 are in charge of the air fields. There are news of fighting at the frontier where the Chinese are said to have entered a town held by a Japanese garrison. Heavy attacks on Germany. London, Oct. 19th. In spite of bad flying weather, tow clouds and icing British bomb ers raided several important mili- tory abjectives in Germany last night. Heavy attacks were made on shipping at Kiel and Ham- burg, railway stations and goods yards at Dortmund and on rail- ivay lines north of the •'Ruhr. Aluminium works were set on fire. All the British planes came home from the night raids but one was lost on a reconnaissance flight to-day. j Yesterday’s neutral reports of damages caused by British rai- ders in Germany have been con- firmed by an American who arri- ved from Germany ysterday. He said that when the Germans re- ported 20 casualties in Franfurt there were in fact 150 casualties. Italian attack on Malta. London, Oct. 19th. Reports from Malta state that Italian bombers tried a night attack on the island some days ago. They were picked up by the searchlights which made them look like butterflies on pins. Immediately British figh- ters which had been on patrol swooped down on the enemy and at the same time mcahine guns on the ground opened fire on the Italians. One plane was brought down, another cripp- led and the remaining planes set off for home at full speed. Fire in California oil field. London, Oct. 19th. A fire oovering 18 acres broke put in a Califarnia oil field to- day. The fire was started after explosion at an oil refinery. One person is said to have been kill- ed and another seriously wound- ed. THE BRITISH NAVY’S WINGS GROW FROM H. M. S. KESTRAL. Despite their naval dress, these men are airmen, and despite the name of the place — H. M. S. Kcstrai they are working on an aerodrome, which is a training ground of the Fleet Air Arm of the British Navy. French politicians charged with fraud. London, Oct. 19th. The Vichy government has at last told the world what some of the famous French politicians, held for trial, are accused of. Monsieur Renaud is charged with the embezzlement of na- tional funds. Monsieur Leon Blum, former Prime Minister, is charged with negligence of his ministerial duty. The population in occupied France are becoming restive under the severe restrictions. The Germans have had to issue an order threatening with punishment . all persons who tried to get over the border into unoccupied France. Strict mea- sures have been taken to pre- vent bootlegging of food and fuel. Rritish airmen face difficulties. London, Oct. 19th. A Reuters correspondent in the Near East says that the Brit- ish airmen there have a stem task although they have won all the opening sparring. Reinforce- ment is not without difficulty because of the great distance from the production centres, but there is no fear of shortage. Lat- ely the U. S. A. have brought out several types of planes suit- able for tropical flying.


Sunday Post

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