Lögberg-Heimskringla - 15.01.1988, Blaðsíða 7

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 15.01.1988, Blaðsíða 7
ALDARAFMÆLISÁR, FÖSTUDAGUR 15. JANÚAR 1988-7 Obituary Elma Ingibjorg Gislason On Tuesday November 24 the life of Elma Gislason came to an end, af- ter a lifetime as a member of the Icelandic Community. First in the area of her birth, on the farm which was the homestead of her parents along the banks of the Assiniboine River near Glenboro, Man. Later in the early years of womanhood she came to Winnipeg and lived out her life amongst the Icelanders of the city, which has long been the focal point of Western Icelanders in North America. Early she began her musical career, and upon arrival in Winnipeg she studied under Professor S. K. Hall and Gwendda-Owen Davies. She received her degree (ARCT) in 1932 from the Toronto Conservatory. Along with her musical career she kept busy teaching and studied sing- ing while raising her family. Her mu- sical career included soloing with the Philharmonic choir and numerous recitals. She was particularly fond of the Icelandic community and spent The Icelandic Festival committee bid Haraldur and Margret farewell At the annual meeting of the Icelandic Festival, the committee honoured Haraldur Bessason for his outstanding service to their organiza- tion. Maurice Eyolfson addressed Haraldur, reminiscing about all the areas that Haraldur worked at. He joined the Festival in 1957 and was a very welcome new recruit. His close contacts with Iceland were an asset the committee benefited by. At meetings everyone waited for Haraldur's witty remarks and suc- cinct reports. He served as president in 1959. His cóntributions wíll be missed but hoppfully he'll return to share future celebrations with us all. Haraldur about to deliver the punch line. Lorna Tergesen, Haraldur Bessason and Carolyn Stefanson. countless time and effort assisting and directing musical events at their concernts. She was Soloist and Choir Director for 21 years at the First Fed- erated Unitarian Church. She was founder and director of the Festival Opera Group which was the forerun- ner of the first Manitoba Opera As- sociation Choir. She was a member of the Manitoba Registered Teacher's Association, The Winnipeg Philhar- monic Choir, the Jon Sigurdson Chapter of the I.O.D.E., the Icelan- dic Canadian, and the Icelandic Na- tional League. Surviving Elma are her husband Ragnar, a son and four daughters in- cluding their families, grandchildren, a sister, in-laws, and numerous nephews and nieces. Her parents were Ingolfur and Maria Arnason. Ingolfur was born in 1863 at the Eyjafjord in Northern Iceland. He came to Canada in 1893 and spent the first winter in Selkirk with an aunt. In 1894 he went to Glenboro and worked for a number of years at casual work. Shortly be- fore the turn of the century he took out homestead land and farmed there until 1921, when he moved to Cypress River and for many years was employed as a caretaker of the local school. His wife was Maria Frimansdottir also from the Eyjafjord. Elma was a faithful supporter of Lögberg-Heimskringla and contribut- ed material to the paper which ap- peared on the pages, in the form of written articles and poetry. She was born to persons who came here from Iceland, so her ability to relate to the Icelandic community came natural- ly. Her loyalty to her Icelandic heritage is reflected in voluntary ef- forts. She was a staunch supporter of our publication and we take pleasure in expressing our gratitude. It is because of friends like Elma that our paper is still being published after 100 years of continuous service the Icelanders and their descendants, in Canada and the United States. Tallin & Kristjansson Barristers and Solicitors 501-55 Donald St. , Winnipeg, Manitoba >- R3C 1L8 942-8171 Minnist BETEL í erfðaskrám yðar MESSUBOÐ Fyrsta Lúterska Kirkja Pastor John V. Arvidson Pastor Ingthor I. Isfeld 10:30 a.m. The Service followed by Sunday School & Coffee hour. ^^ **- ""^ *# ^ IN THE - BARDAL FAMILY TRADITION Every Neil Bardal funeral service is performed with honesty, dignity and respect — a long-standing tradition from two previous generations. Now with a modern interpretation to suit today's family needs 984 Portage at Aubrey Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 0R6 24-Hour Telephone Service 786-4716 ¦ INC FAMILYIFUNERAL COUNSELLORS Winnipeg's only Bardal family-owned Funeral Service. Open 9 to 5 Mondaý thru Saturday. Ask for a free brochure. Haraldur takes the bantering with a smile.



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