Lögberg-Heimskringla - 14.06.1991, Blaðsíða 4

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 14.06.1991, Blaðsíða 4
4 • Lögberg-Heimskringla • Föstudagur 14. júní 1991 lcelandic content On page 8 we feature the conclusion of Guðrún H. Finnsdóttir’s story Skríflabúðin . The narrator in this story talks aboutan odd dream she had while napping in an antique shop, which had formerly been a church. In the dream, the history of the church was revealed to her. Also on page 8, there is a poem by Matthías Jochumsson (1835-1920) which is dedicated to Western Ice- landers. Itappearedin the Morgunblað recently. Card craze continues In our last issue, I theorized that the interest in card collecting, which we have been made aware of through let- ters sent to L-H, is likely unique to Djúpivogur. However, I have been proven wrong. In our last issue we pub- lished three requests for cards from Djúpivogur, and two from Bíldudalur, and in this issue, there is a request for cards from an individual in Selfoss. Responding to one such request has Hekla in Spain There is Hekla in Iceland, in Mani- toba and in Ontario, and now, Emilía Jónsdóttir-Anderson of Grand Forks, N.D., informs us that there is also one in Spain. Hekla is the name of a hostel, owned and operated by an Icelander, Magnús Kristjánsson, in Costa Brava, Spain. Emilía and her husband Duane stayed there last spring. Emilía told L-H that Hostal Hekla is located on a great beach in a beautiful area. Who are they? Can any of our readers help identify the children in the above photo? Please forward anyrelevant information to Nelson Gerrard, Box 925, Arborg, Manitoba ROC 0A0. Thank you ! been very rewarding for Paul A. from little Magnús Kristjánsson, the Sigurdson of Morden, Manitoba. He recipient of the cards. Magnús’ letter received a letter, some cards anda photo and photo are also featured on page 8. Developer’s vision begins to take shape The above i$ the títle of an artícle which was recently featured in the business section of The Kansas City Star. Itfocuses on Charles A. Gamey, a Westem Icelander and a Kansas City developer. Mr. Gamey is molding from hilly, wooded and partly undermined terrain a long-held vision of a Northland hous- ing and commercial project to rival the area’s best. “I think the Northlands needs an upscale, real alternative to some of the Johnson County projects, ”said Garney, longtime Northland resident and president of Briarcliff West Devel- opment Co. His 270-acre,$274 million Briarcliff West project is a noteworthy sign of activity in an environment of slow development. So far, Garney has spent about $10.7 million of his own money to acquire and reshape the property. If the project succeeds, it could provide a strong boost for Northland and Downtown develop- ment... Barring construction for a specific tenant, Garney expects to “ignore com- mercial for two to three years and con- centrate on developing a quality resi- dential project. When the time is right, the commercial tenants will come to us.” Charles is the son of the late Arthur Garney (Björn Sigurðsson) who was bom at Icelandic River in the New Iceland settlement on Lake Winnipeg. THE ICELANDIC FESTIVAL OF MANITOBA ÍSLENDINGADA G URINN SCHOLARSHIP he Wilhelm Kristjansson Memorial Scholarship of $500 is offered by the lcelandic Festival of Manitoba to a student who has completed one or more years of post secondary studies (university or community college) and who will be continuing his/her studies in 1991/92. The following criteria will be considered: O academic results of the 1990/91 school year O qualities of leadership and community service Please send a letter of application and mark statement for the 1990/91 school year, along with a letter of reference from a teacher or community leader, on or before July 10, 1991 to: Dennis N. Stefanson 39 Keats Way Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3K 0S2 The scholarship will be awarded at the lcelandic Festival of Manitoba in Gimli, Manitoba, on Monday, August 5, 1991.



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