Lögberg-Heimskringla - 04.02.2000, Blaðsíða 9

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 04.02.2000, Blaðsíða 9
Lögberg-Heimskringla • Millennium Edition • 4 February 2000 • 9 Last sutnmer, on the occasion ofthe visit ofthe President oflceland, Olafur Ragnar Grímsson, and his daughter Dalla to Canada and the USA, the following group assembled at the Winnipeg home of Consul General Svavar Gestsson. From left to right: Dr. Kenneth Tliorlakson, Chairman, V.I.P. Campaign; Sigurður Helgason, CEO Icelandair; Guðrún Ágústs- dóttir, wife ofConsitl General Gestsson; Neil Bardal, Honourary Consul General for Iceland; John Harvard, MP; Ray Johnson, President, Icelandic National League; Dalla Ólafurs- dóttir; President Ólafur Ragnar Grtmsson; Eric Stefanson, MLA; Timothy Samson, President, Canada Iceland Foundation; David Tomasson, President, United Icelandic Appeal; David Gislason, Chairman, Millennium-125 Commission; Svavar Gestsson, Consul General for lceland & Special Envoyfor Millennium Affairs. piwto: Jón Einars. Gustafsson Dignitaries to visit Canada Anumber of Icelandic dignitaries will visit Canada in the millennium year. The Minister of Culture, Björn Bjamason, will present the one-million- dollar gift from Iceland to the University of Manitoba in the early months of the year. The President of Iceland will be the guest of honour at the Icelandic Festival in Gimli in August. The Prime Minister, Mr. Oddsson, will spearhead the opening ceremony in Ottawa on April 12th and he is also expected to visit Winnipeg in October to celebrate 125 years since the first settlers arrived in New Iceland. Halldór Asgrímsson, Minister of Foreign Aífairs, will greet the Viking ship, Icelander, when it arrives in Newfoundland on July 28th. He will also unveil a monument, commemorating the Icelandic settlement in Kinmount, Ontario. The Minister of Transport, Sturla Böðvarsson, will unveil two memorial caims in Nova Scotia. The Bishop of Iceland, Karl Sigurbjömsson, will visit Manitoba and British Columbia in September. Culture at a crossroads Neil Bardal Consul General for lceland in Gimli Gimli, MB Ifelt honored to be named the Consul General for Iceland in Gimli early in 1999 by the Foreign Ministry of Iceland. Gimli is the acknowledged capitol of the Icelandic presence in North America. It was the dream come true for those first Icelandic immigrants seeking a new home where they could speak their own language and practice their own cus- toms. Today we are at a crossroads as peo- ple descended from the Icelandic pio- neers. We are proudly Canadian, but know that our ancestors played a large role in the early European civilization of this part of Canada. The impact is felt on many fronts. It is my belief that if we continue to nourish this Icelandic contribution to Canadian life, our children will respond positively to new initiatives being promoted between Canada and Icfeland in matters of trade, tourlsm and the sharing of ideas. The recent agreements signed between the University of Iceland and the University of Manitoba are a beginning in the process of sharing ideas. The place- ment of a career Consul General, in the person of Svavar Gestsson accompanied Neil Bardal (left) and Svavar Gestsson in Gimli. Photo.’Guðrún Agústsdóttir by his wife Guðrún Ágústsdóttir, has already opened many windows of oppor- tunity between Canada and Iceland and has paved the way for establishing an Icelandic Embassy in Ottawa in the very near future. The Millennium-125 Coinmission, chaired by David Gislason, which works directly with Consul General Svavar Gestsson, has a number of signifi- cant events planned for the year 2000. It is our hope that these events will lift Iceland’s profile and the follow through will net increased activity between our two great countries. I look forward to being part of the great happenings in the New Year and par- ticipating in a greater cooperation between Canada and Iceland. I know that the building of the Betel Waterfront proj- ect in Giriili will greatly enhance our abil- ity to focus and give a place to negotiate, exhibit and explore opportunities for Iceland and Canada in the next millenni- um. Let us go forward with confidence knowing that we stand firmly on a heritage built for us by our ancestors, here and in Iceland. For more information, visit our website: www.iceiand2000.org



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