Lögberg-Heimskringla - 07.07.2000, Blaðsíða 6

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 07.07.2000, Blaðsíða 6
6 * Lögberg-Heimskringla » Friday 7 July 2000 Waterloo Continued from page 1 Nationals in 2002 is a dream come true. Lauren and Leifur will try for the Junior World team this year but it is more real- istic to consider that they may make the team in 2002. The Junior Grand Prix 2000 is a prestigious event with the highest level of skating in the world with skaters from Europe, Asia, Mexico, Canada, and United States. The Canadians of course would like to medal in this event and this pair is aiming for the top five. It is known that it takes longer for the Canadians to be recognized, so it is very important that they make a name for themselves right away. It is a definite advantage if the judges become aware of the new young skaters and begin to recognize them by name and style. Leifur points out that they have a clas- sical style of skating and have taken the time to develop and hone their technical expertise to the degree that they can. spend rnore time now to focus on the intrícate and quick footwork that is so much a part of their routine. Both Lauren and Leifur are quick to name their heroes in Ice Dance with our Canadian champions Shea-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz at the top of their list. The French champions Marina Anassina and Gwendal Piezerat are also highly regarded by them for their superb presentation and artistry. I suggested that in the few clips that I had seen of Lauren and Leifur that I had been very impressed with their similar- ity to Bourne and Kraatz and the degree of smoothness and polish that I found surprising in such a young pair. Interestingly, the response was that Rod Black as a commentator had made an almost identical remark to Debbie Wilkes during the Canadian Nationals. When I asked if their technical expert- ise tended to make their routines appear almost too easy, they both agreed that this could happen especially since in their classical style they do not use a lot of upper body movement, concentrating on strong smooth footwork with precise quick intricate choreography developed for the various dance forms and tempos. Their coaches are a major factor in the selection of music. Lauren and Leifur both agree that their guidance in this area is very important. In answer to my query regarding Photo courtesy o/Leifur Gislason Lauren and Leifur at the Canadian National Ice Dance Championships costumes, Lauren and Leifur said that it is necessary to have three or four new costumes every year and yes, they are very expensive. Here in Winnipeg, Diane Melcosky has been wonderful. She has often been able to custom make their costumes on very short notice and right now has come through yet again, by completing new outfits for them to wear at the North America Challenge which comes up August 12-14. Yvonne Rempel of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet has designed and made costumes for them. In the east, Ann Scott of Ontario has been another who has contributed in the designing of their dance costumes. At 14 and 15, Lauren and Leifur are the youngest to be awarded the Gold Medal as Canadian National Ice Dance Champions. Lauren and Leifur ¦ii1."1,............. ilandic jfög Canadian Frón Enjoy a favourably priced Friday smorg, either lunch or evening at the Nordic House of Canada — the cultural home of the Winnipeg Frón Membership in the club is not required. 764 Erín Street, Winnipeg Telephone: (204) 774-8047 /SfORTHLAND CORPORATION, The Concentrated Hardwood Center P.O. Box 265 • Highway 146 East • LaGrange, KY 40031, USA (502) 222-1441 • Fax (502) 222-1445 • 1-800-873-1441 NORTHLAND is an Icelandic owned and operated hardwood lumber company. In addition to the LaGrange, KY operations, we have locations in LaChute, Quebec — Lexington, NC — Miami, FL — Boynton Beach, FL — Louisville, KY — Monticello, AR — Oakland, CA NORTHLAND serves hardwood lumber dealers and manufacturers in Canada, the USA, Europe and the Far East. explained that Novice is the 7th highest of the levels with Junior rated as the 2nd highest level. When a pair at the Novice level win the gold medal, they must move up to the Junior category even though the age limit is set at nineteen. There is no age limit at Juniors. They are further required to pass two tests to become Juniors, and have already passed their first test so there ís only one more to pass. Leifur is toomodest to tell me but his father very proudly told me that Leifur's technical skills are such that he is often required to be the model or base against which other skaters are judged. He frequently partners the female, Ice Dancefs so that they can be judged fairly on their own individual merits. Only if they had an outstanding year would they consider moving on up to Senior level. At this point it is much more realistic for them to gain more experience while developing and honing their skills. With such heavy work schedules, how do they manage to balance school work with skating practice? Lauren laughingly replies, "With lots of work in the evenings and weekends to catch up." When I mentioned that I had been made aware that they are consistently at the top levels in their classes, she laughed again and said, "We have been very lucky." As if luck had anything to do with it! The immediate goal for Lauren and Leifur is coming up in August when they will compete in the North American Challenge. There are.many such challenges ahead for them but they have as their major goal in the future, competing as Seniors at the 2006 Olympics. May they take with them the knowledge that the fans in Manitoba, especially those of Icelandic descent, are cheering for them all the way. Lauren's parents are Patrick Flynn and Susan Peturson; patemal grandfa- ther, Mark Flynn; matemal grandpar- ents, Edith and Petur Petursson; great- grandparents, Ólafur Petursson and Annie McNab; great-uncle Reverend Philip Petursson. Leifur's parents are Stefan Gislason and Barbara Flynn; patemal grandpar- ents Thor Gislason and June McKnight; maternal grandparents, Frederick William Flynn and Rita Fletcher; Leifur's uncle is Conrad Gislason. Most rccent achievements ofLauren Flynn and Leifur Gislason: • North American Challenge—Gold Medal • represented Canada in the Dallas Meet which included the USA, Mexico, and Canada • SaskSkate in Saskatoon—Gold Medal Western Canadian Competition • Central Canadian Competition—Gold Medal • Canadian Nationals in Calgary— Gold Medal • title—Canadian National Ice Dance Champions <m ir unn* mn um mw wwm mri fl nrmr mvnmi « rim \ rin 'n&'wiriMr



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