Leisure section - 05.05.2000, Blaðsíða 2

Leisure section - 05.05.2000, Blaðsíða 2
Cinco de Mayo Celebrations Tonight Both dubs are set to fiesta this evening, Friday, May 5 in celebration of Mexican Independence Day, also known as “Cinco de Mayo.” Coconut Alley will be open to civilians and all enlisted per- sonnel. There will be a free buf- fet from 10pm to midnight, beverage specials and prizes. O’Malleys Pub will have their own party for E-7 and above that night. There will be “Mexican munchies,” drink spe- cials, and free virtual reality to play. Come out for all the fun at tonights parties. Ole! THIS SATURDAY, MAY 6 AT THREE FLAGS. Dinner at 6pm/Show at 8pm Reservations required for dinner. Call 7004/7005. Doors open at 7:45pm for those only wishing to see the show. Show is free. Earth Day continued________ year’s Earth Day slogan. In order to "Preserve Our Past" and "Protect Our Future" it begins with the action of a single person which can be gneady magnified by the collective efforts of many. This is a chance for all of us to show our commitment to environment, make the base look a little nicer and have some fun doing it. If you are interested in volunteering for the plantings on Earth Day, interested in becoming more involved with Earth Day or other planned events, or just interested in learning about dif- ferent ways of minimizing your impact to the environment, please contact ENS Michael Meno at extension 6404. THREE FLAGS "'VoUTH CENTER CDC ARCTIC BOWL Hosfess/Cashier Education Aide Education Aide Duty Manager Bartender Custodian Recreation Aide Slot Cashier Custodian Night Floor Supervisor Counter Control Slot Cashier Floor Supervisor TEEN CENTER FSW Snack Bar Cooks Assistant Waitstaff Recreation Aide Floor Supervisor Lead FSW "RPT" Duty Manager CRAFTECH PARCHEEZI'S Bar Stocker Bus Personnel Sales Clerk Food Service Workers Delivery Driver MWR PERSONNEL CALL 2673 | MOTHER’S DAT May l4di is Mothers day, and we don’t want to forget our mother’s! Three Flags Club is offering a Mother’s Day Brunch from 11-1 pm. This is their spe- cial day, treat your mother or the mother in you family to brunch @ the Three Flags Club. Page 2 MWR’s Leisure Section May 5, 2000


Leisure section

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