Leisure section - 05.05.2000, Blaðsíða 4

Leisure section - 05.05.2000, Blaðsíða 4
INDIEHfS THEATER# U-571 1 From the creators of the hit thriller Breakdown comes this white knuckle World War II suspense drama about a American suoma- rine crew’s battle against time - and thier own fears - while carrying out a daring mission to capture a top- secret encrypting device from Nazi U-boat. Stars Matthew McConaughey & Bill Paxton. 108 minutes and is rated PG13 for V. Shows Saturday @ 7pm and Sunday/Monday @ 9pm. BenAllleck Ban Sinise Charlue theron REINDEER GAMES Reindeer Games After being released from prison, all Rudy Duncan (Affleck) wanted was to start a new life with Ashley (Theron), the girl of his dreams. But between them and happiness stands a team of criminals (Sinise and Williams III) who are going to force Rudy to take down a casino on Christmas Eve. Now, just when Rudy and Ashley thought hey could start a new life, their entire future is on the line. Stars Ben Affleck and Gary Sinise. 104 minutes and rated R for V, L & SS. Shows Monday & Thursday @ 9pm. Mr I it m«i. Elf'DORADO M ■ V l The Road to El Dorado Set in the year 1519, the film follows a pair of two-bit con men, Tuilio and Miguel, who believe they have found a path to fortune and glory when they win a map to El Dorado, the legendary City of Gold. Animation. 83 minutes and rated PG for L. Shows Saturday @ 5pm. GIDER HOUSE My Dog Skip In 1942, in the small town of Yazoo, Mississippi, Willie Morris, receives a spunky little dog named Skip from his par- ents and begins a friendship that will shape his childhood and his memories. From mak- ing peace with the neighbor- hood bullies to making friends with the prettiest girl in school to understanding the conse- quences of World War II on some of the soldiers - and for- mer soldiers - in his town, Willie changes profoundly. And throughout all of it, Skip is his companion and a catalyst for Willie’s encounters with the world. 95 minutes and rated PG for V & L. Shows Sunday @ 5pm and Friday the 12th @ 7pm Pitch Black [r www.pitch-black.com Sci-Fi/Acdon. 107 minutes Shows Tuesday @7pm. Last Show R Erin Brockovich www.erinbtockovich.com Drama. 131 minutes Shows Tuesday @ 9pm. Last Show. 7 Academy Award Nominations* The Cider House Rules Homer Wells was a child without parents. Lurch was a man with- out children. Theirs was an extraordinary bond. All Homer really wanted was the one thing Larch couldn’t give him: rules to live by. Drama. 129 minutes ana rated PG13 for V & SS. Shows Saturday @ 9pm. R Scream 3 www.scream3.com Thriller. 116 minutes Shows Friday the 5th & 12th @ 9pm and Sunday @ 7pm. Drowning Mona IpgbI www.drowningmona.com Comedy. 95 minutes(L & SS) Friday the 5th @ 7pm. SHOW TIMES FRIDAY, MAY 5 7:00-Drowning Mona, PG13 V^VOO-Scream 3, R_________^ SATURDAY, MAY 6 5:00-Ihe Road to El Dorado, PG 7:00-U-571, PG13 V^OO-The Cider House Rules, PG1 SUNDAY, MAY 7 5:OO-My Dog Skip, PG 7:00-Scream 3, R \9:Q0 - U-571, PG13 MONDAY, MAY 8 7:00-U-571, PG13 9:00-Reindeer Games, R TUESDAY, MAY 9 7:00-Pilch Black, R 9:00-Erin Brockovich, R v DOUAR NIGHT WEDNESDAY'S ^ NO MOVIES j THURSDAY, MAY 11 7:00 -Romeo Must Die, R 9:00-Reindeer Games, R FRIDAY, MAY 12 7: OO-My Dog Skip, PG 9:00-Scneam 3, R RATINGS GUIDE D = Drugs N = Nudity L= Language S = Sexual V = Violence T = Terror Romeo Must Die [r www.romeomustdie.net Action Adventure. 110 minutes Shows Thursday @ 7pm. PG - General Audience. Children under 10 accom- panied by an ID card holder. - Parental guidance suggested. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an ID card holder. |PG-13l - Children under 13 must have permission slips and valid ID card. - Restricted; under 17 must have permission slips and valid ID card. No handwritten slips!


Leisure section

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