Leisure section

Leisure section - 08.06.2005, Blaðsíða 3

Leisure section - 08.06.2005, Blaðsíða 3
evecv satjcdav nikjht w jusI£ iki addition) to steak sii(?ht; OlOLV H6.9S CofrSS WITH SALAD 4 POTATO BAG AnID V£££TABl£S OF Th£ DAV BAR RULES 8 BALL POOL TOURNAMENT EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT PRIMER'S PUB @7 PM ENTRY FEE $ 5.00 DOUBLE ELIMINATION 3 on 3 BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT Starts at noon A.E House Gymnasium Please sign up in advance at the Wind Breaker. For more info cail 2447 Trophies for winners and prizes for participants Wednesday Spades Nights Call LT Farmer for more info. 2844 or 6157 2 man teams Spades Tournaments Wednesdays at 7pm @ O'Malley's Pub Chicken Wings Buffet will be from 7pm-9pm tt/mp BREAKER Ti it i v/i-llirl ; i riii Trir \A/t-l/i_r / < v 1 IIH :•* .... t fc » * Y M •»> M Vi i i \i , « 1 i > I . I f * p I A ! IT I A tr t f'i* a M »• t * t i % . L<~ * l If » • * t i Mil <yji I r I MlllJJlir I i. We will camp at Nyr_ri-Leirar New sanitary facilities Hot and cold water Showers, toilets Laundry room. Numerous hiking trails extend all over the National park, Horse Back Riding. Trail leading to Hrauntun,an abandoned farm site in the lava fields and lots more! •550/person Includes round trip trans- thingvellir tents, sleeping bags, and some snack. Bus leaves at 5:30PM Page 9 JUNE 8, 2005 MWR'S LEISURE SECTION


Leisure section

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