Leisure section

Leisure section - 08.06.2005, Blaðsíða 4

Leisure section - 08.06.2005, Blaðsíða 4
JUNE 10-JUNE 17 RATINGS GUIDE G General Audience. Children under 10 accompanied by an ID card holder. Parental guidance suggested. Children under 10 must be PGI3 Parents strongly cautioned. __Some material may be inappropriate for children Restricted. Children under 17 requin} accompanying parent or adult See Movie Theater handout for more detailed movie de- scriptions |E FRIDAY, JUNE 10 CsATURDAY. JUNE 11^ 7pm- Madagascar, 80mins PG 5pm- A Lot Like Love, 1 07mins PG13 9pm- The Interpreter, 128mins PG13 7pm- King's Ransom, 95min PG13 9pm- The Longest Yard, 1 09min$ PG13 C SUNDAY, JUNE 12 5pm- Madagascar, 80mins PG 7 pm-The Amityville Horror, 89mins R 9pm-The Interpreter, 128minsPG13 MONDAY, JUNE 1 3 jj 7pm-Guess Who, 104mins PG13 (Last Showing) 9pm-Sin City, 124mins R (TUESDAY, JUNE 14} C WEDNESDAY A (THURSDAY, JUNE 16 A s'----------------------------- --------—---------------------------------- v-------------—' FRIDAY, JUNE 17 J 7pm- Beauty Shop, IOSmins PG13 (Last Showing) 9pm- Fever Pitch, 10/mins PG13 NO MOVIES 7 pm- Madagascar, 80mins PG 9pm-Upside of Anger, 116mins R Closed Icelandic Independence Day BY THE ORDER OF THE COMMANDING OFFICER, NAS KEFLAVIK-The use of camcorders, still cameras, cellular telephones and any other recording devices in the auditorium during the exhibition of any movie is strictly prohibited. Violators will be escorted from the premesis and recorded materials will be confiscated. Violators may be subject to criminal prosecution. Military members will be subject to the uniform code of military justice. THE LONGEST YARD, 109MINSPG13 A former pro football quarterback Paul Crewe, former college champion and coach Nate Scar- boro are doing time in the same prison. They are asked to put together a team of inmates to take on the guards. Crewe enlists the help of Scarboro to coach the inmates to victory in a football game “fixed” to turn out quite another way. Stars Adam Sandler & Chris Rock. A LOT LIKE LOVE. 107MINS PG 13 It takes some people years to fall in love at first sight. Oliver and Emily met on flight from Los Angeles to New York seven years ago - each of them declaring that they couldn’t be more wrong for each other. Stars Ashton Kutcher & Amanda Peet. This Week’s New Movies! KING’S RANSOM, 95M1NS, PG13 Malcom King is a wealthy and arrogant business- man whose ex-wife to be has plans to take him for everything he’s worth in their divorce settlement. Determined to avoid losing his fortune to her, Malcom plans his own kidnapping with the help of his dim-witted mistress and her ex-con brother. Unfortunately for Malcom, he is not the only one with a kidnapping plot. Stars Anthony Anderson & Regina Hall. THE INTERPRETER, 128MINS PG13 I, /VjJ| African-born U.N. interpreter Silvia In' Broome inadvertently overhears a death threat against an African head of state I scheduled to address die United Nations ■ General Assembly. Realizing she’s become a target of the assassins as well. Silvia’s desperate to thwart the plot...if only she can survive long enough to get someone to believe her. Tobin Keller is the federal agent charged with protect- ing the interpreter, who nonetheless suspects she may not be telling the whole truth. Stars Nicole Kidman & Sean Penn. Morale Wattare and Recreation Sailors Always JOBS JOBS JOBS SERVICE CENTRAL Galleria Clerk Ceramic Instructor Counter Control AUTO HOBBY SHOP Shop Attendant BOWLING ALLEY Custodian Duty Manager Slot Cashier Counter Control Food Service Worker A.E HOUSE GYMNASIUM Lifeguard ANDREWS THEATER Theater Operations Assistant THREE FLAGS CLUB Bartender Duty Manager Cashier Waitstaff Delivery Driver Food Service Worker TOP OF THE ROCK Cashier Bartender Delivery Driver Food Service Worker YOUTH SERVICES YC Education Aide TC Floor Supervisor CDC Education Aide CDH Provider STUDENT POSITIONS TFC Bus Persons YC Recreation Aide INTERNET OFFICE Customer Service Rep OTHER: Recreation Aide, Duty Manager,Travel Clerk, Security. CONTACT MWR PERSONNEL AT 2673 MADAGASCAR, 80MINS PG Alex the lion is the king of the urban jungle, the main attraction at New York’s Central Park Zoo. He and his best friends Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo have lived their entire lives in blissful captiv- ity. Marty allows his curiosity to get the better of him and with the help of some abnormal penguins, makes his ecape to explore the world he has been missing. Alex, Melman and Gloria go after him, but before they can go wild in the strets, they are captured, crated and put on a ship to Africa to be ultimately set free. Stars Ben Stiller and Chris Rock. MWR NOTES Story Time at the NAS Library Last day for story time will be Thursday June 9, we will re-open in the Fall. June 17-lcelandic Independence Day The following facilities will be closed: Service Central and The Three Flags Club. Galleria Summer Hours: Moral 200-1800, Tues-Fri: 1100-1800 Saturday & Sunday: Closed Tour Office Hours Mon-Fri:8am-5pm Temporary Closure: The Playzone will be closed from June 15 to July 15 due to renovations to the front entrance. We apologize for any inconvenience. MOVIES ARE SHOWN 9AM & 8PM Wednesday, June 8 IN GOOD COMPANY, PG13 Dan thinks he may be headed for a breakdown after being demoted as head of sales for a major magazine and his company is acquired in a corporate takeover. To make matters worse, his new boss is half his age and is a business school prodigy who preaches constantly about corporate syneigy...and his interest in Dan’s daughter. Stars Dennis Quaid &Topher Grace. Rated PG13 for sexual content and drug references. THURSDAY, JUNE 9 SON OF THE MASK, PG The Mask of Loki has found its way into the hands of aspiring cartoonist Tim Avery, whose son is bom possessing some of its spectacular powers. But when Loki comes to earth looking for his “son,” a power snuggle of epic proportions and cartoon-like contortions ensues. Stars Jamie Kennedy & Alan Cumming. Rated PG for action, ~ crude humor and language. FRIDAY, JUNE 10 ROBOTS, PG Animated story of a young genius who wants to build robots capable of making the world a better place. His dream however is challenged by a corporate tyrant and his master inventor who have different plans. Voices of Ewan McGregor & Halle Berry. Rated PG for brief language and suggestive humor. MONDAY, June 13 ROCKY IV, PG ■ When his old friend Apollo Creed is killed during a brutal boxing match with a super strong Russian, Rocky blames himself for the death. Fueled by the fighter’s arrogance, he arranges a fight with the new champion in Russia and begins to train once more...for revenge. Stars Sylvester Stallone & Dolph Lundgren. Rated PG for boxing violence. TUESDAY, JUNE 14 ___:___ Diary of a mad black S’ WOMAN, PG13 Helen McCarter seem- ingly had the perfect life with her husband Charles. However, on the eve of their 18th wedding anniversary, Helen’s paradise begins to crumble when Charles announces that he wants a divorce. Stars Kimberly Elise & Steve Harris. Rated PG13 for drag content, thematic elements, crude sexual references & violence. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15 FATAL INSTINCT, PG13 Spoofing the suspense thriller and murder mysterious of the late 80’s like “Basic Instinct’ and “Cape Fear” a detective is seduced by a beautiful woman while his wife is having an affair with the local mechanic. Lots of visual gags in the style of the "Naked Gun” series. Stars Sean Young & Armand Assante. Rated PG 13 for comic violence and language. The Leisure Section is a publication of MWR Marketing department. All of its contents are governed by MWR, U.S. Naval Air Station, Keflavik, Iceland. PSC 1003 Box 43 • FPO AE 09728-0343 Commanding Officer: Captain Mark Laughton • Editor in Chief: Dennis Merkel • Writer/Layout: Position Open • All programs, dates, and times listed in the Leisure Section are subject to change without notice.


Leisure section

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