Leisure section

Leisure section - 01.12.2005, Blaðsíða 3

Leisure section - 01.12.2005, Blaðsíða 3
U 4200 for more information and rates Tuesday, DJ Tuc & Thurs: 8 - 9 pm Sat: Noon-2 pm Improve your PRT and other military swim test times • Great training/or triathletes Must be at least 16 yrs. old and able to swim 25 meters = A.E. HOUSE=i CALL 4510 FOR MORE INFORMATION Call 7851 ij interested (All Coaches a Officials) ------------------------------------1 create* Build sfren2lh wtti' s'wHmpact exercises Come to Arctic Outfitters... we have an AWESOME selection of snowboards, skiis, poles, and boots! December 17 December 27 5:30 -10 pm Cost: $10 + ISK Can'4554 for rental rates and info Get ready to htbthe slopes!!! Call 2447 for details ADVENTURE includes, ivm*s> BREAKER INTRAMURAL^ RASKETRALL MEETING Wednesday. December 7 12 pm at the gym Call 6491 for iiiquitii Job Openings Three Flags Club has sev- eral positions ^ THREE FLAGS CLUB Your ALL HANDS Dining Facilin' U—---------------------—' fcJfUl pUblllUMb open, such as: Duty Manager Cashier, Custodian, Food Service Worker and Cook's Assistant. Apply today at build- ing 755 or call 26/3. building ODAY or call 2673 Arctic Bowl has openings for: Counter Control, Custodians, Duty Managers, Food Service Manager, and slot Cashier. Apply today at building 755 or call 2673. vV Vx BREAKER At the Windbreaker a Recreation Aide is needed for all shifts. Ap- ply today at building 755 or call 2673. The Polar Roller Rink - THE * is looking for a Recre- * POLAR * ation Aide for all shifts, roller rink Apply today at building i or call 2673. & A.E. HOUSE GYMNASIUM The A.E. House Gymnasium is looking for a Recreation Aide for day shift. Apply today at building 755 or call 2673. The Privateer's Pub is looking for a Duty Manger, Cashier and Secu- rity for eves/wknds. Apply today building 755 or call 2o73. at r DECEMBER l, 2005 MWR'S LEISURE SECTION


Leisure section

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