The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 04.04.1980, Blaðsíða 2

The White Falcon - 04.04.1980, Blaðsíða 2
Page ? The White Falcon April 4, 1980 Lt. Col. Carpenter honors 57th FIS members Lt. Col. John H. Carpenter, 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron Com- mander, presented awards to the fol- lowing personnel during a recent Commander's Call. Meritorious Service Medals were awarded to Master Sgt. Larry W. Brown, Master Sgt. David L. Florek, and Staff Sgt. Jerome F. Russo. The following received Air Force Commendation Medals: Captains Michael E. Costello, Patrick L. Carlton, Donald N. Snelgrove, Claude B. Thompson, Jr., and Thomas R. Wheeler, Staff Sgts. Alan R. Burke, Philip R. Nickisch, Michael L. Pe- nick, Robert 0. Bellow and Catali- na Carpio. Mrs. Dolly D. Werley was present- ed the Sustained Superior Perform- ance Award. Airman Stephen D. Tay- lor was recognized as an honor grad- uate of the Aircraft Armament Sys- tems at the Lowry Technical Training Center, Colorado. The 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron Load Crew of the January to March Quarter were: Senior Airmens Passover, Easter greeting from VADM Train As Navy and Marine Corps person- nel of the Jewish faith have pre- pared for the Passover observance, and as the Christians prepare for the Feast of The Resurrection this Sunday, it is appropriate for com- manding officers to grant personnel an opportunity to attend religious services, which commemorate the sol- emn observance of Passover and Eas- ter. We, members of the Navy and Mar- ine Corps family, unite with fellow Americans in this period of spirit- ual reflection and sacred religious observance. May we, as people of God, continue to draw strength from our religious heritage. I extend my greetings to Atlantic Fleet personnel and to their fami- lies in the firm hope that these sacred times may be a period of spiritual awareness for those of all faiths. Vice Admiral Harry D. Train, II USN Commander in Chief U.S. Atlantic Fleet OWC sponsors dependent spouse scholarship The Officers' Wives Club is spon- soring a dependent spouse scholar- ship of $100, which will be used for term V. All dependent spouses are eligible to compete for and use the scholarship for a course with the University of Maryland or Los Ange- les Community College Overseas. Applications may be picked up at The Navy Campus office, in BOQ 638, and must be returned by April 18, Friday. An Officers' Wives Club member will notify the recipient by telephone in addition to a letter by April 30. The scholarship will be awarded in time for term V registration in May. For more information, call the Navy Campus office at 6226 or 7795. DURING RECENT CEREMONIES—at which Rear Admiral Richard A. Martini, Com- mander Iceland Defense Force, presided, the following personnel were frocked to chief: AKC Greg Bolger and BMC Tim Joyce (above); Lt. j.g. Van Hyning was promoted to her present rank; and Ens, Quigley was presented *,;ith "Bull Ensign Bars." Charles Overstreet, Jr., Brian R Chapin, and John Kennedy, Jr. Lt. Col. Larry D. Waldron, Ai| Forces Iceland Vice Commander re cently presented the McDonnell Doug- las 20,000 Flying Hours Safety Award to 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron Commander Lt. Col. John H. Carpen- ter. The plaque, awarded by the McDon- nell Douglas Corporation which built the F-4E "Phantom" fighter, recog- nizes the accumulation of over 20,000 flying hours without a single aircraft accident. Go's awarded new pay In recognition of the unique re- sponsibility shouldered by the com- manders who are in command at sea billets, official approval has been made in awarding these Naval Offi- cers responsibility pay. Active duty unit commanders and commanding officers in paygrades 0-3 through 0-6 who are authorized to wear the Command at Sea insignia in accordance with BUPERSMAN 1420120 will be entitled to this special pay authorized at the following monthly rates: 0-6 $150, 0-5 $100, 0-4 $50, and 0-3 $50. COMMANDER ICELAND DEFENSE FORCE RADM Richard A. Martini PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICER LCDR Perry C. Bishop EDITORIAL ADVISOR JOC Skip Groce EDITORIAL STAFB J01 David Crowe, Jr. J03 David Guise SN Mary Reed PART-TIMERS STAFF SA Karen Dean ARTIST Ms Chandra Parker In cooperation with the U.S. Naval Station Print Shop, the White Falcon publishes weekly vith appropriated funds per NAV- KXOS P-35 for Iceland Defense Force (IDF) military and U.S. civilian personnel, and their de- pendents. Opinions expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily official expressions of IDF, the Department of Defense or the U.S. Government, The White Falcon offices are located in Bldg. 734; telephone A612/5192, Editorial deadline Is noon Tuesday. • •


The White Falcon

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