The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 20.06.1980, Blaðsíða 3

The White Falcon - 20.06.1980, Blaðsíða 3
June 20, 1980 The White Falcon Page 3 Hospital Corps' 82nd birthday The Naval Station Hospital cele- ted The Hospital Corps' 82nd fchday on June 18, although the ual birthday was June 17. The celebration was held at the Glacier Hut with a cake cutting ceremony. The Hospital Corps came into ex- istence as an organized unit of the Medical Department under the provi- sions of an act of Congress, approv- ed June 17, 1898. During World War I, the reputa- tion of the Hospital Corps for per- formance of duty, especially in the field with the Marine Corps, was greatly enhanced. Many of the mem- bers were cited for valor and per- formance of duty under fire, by both the United States and France. From the period of World War I to World War II, the Hospital Corps be- came one of the outstanding corps of the military services. More schools were provided, qualifications for advancement in ratings were raised, and a high degree of technical skill and knowledge was demonstrated by all members of the corps. The mission of the Hospital Corps is to give on land, sea, and in the air, intelligent, capable, and effi- cient assistance to Medical, Dental, Medical Service, Nurse, and Hospital Corps officers in the eternal war a- gainst disease, injury, and death, and to aid in maintaining the supply and administrative functions of the supportive branches of the Medical Department. This complex mission requires from each member of the Hospital Corps a versatility neither demanded nor expected of other enlisted rat- ings in the Navy. CAPTAIN C. VOYLES, Commanding Officer Naval Station Hospital points out to HMCS H. Eskildsen and HA A. Inge the best way to cut the cake, which commenced the 82nd Hospital Corps' birthday party recently held at the Glacier Hut. • National electi compared to a The upcoming national election can be compared with a large na- tional survey with one major differ- ence. Your vote combined with oth- ers will determine the political party, the elected individuals and the political philosophy for the next few years. But 4s a large segment of the population becomes apathetic and be- lieves it really has no say, then that population is in grave danger f losing its form of government and imately its freedom. on is large survey You need only to read your his- tory books to realize this is true. Catalog is clarified "Exchange Catalog '81" is the correct name of the mail order cata- log. July 7 is the date when the "Exchange '81" mail order catalog is to be distributed to all world wide locations. Availability of the new catalog in Keflavik will be an- nounced. News briefs Toyland undergoes remodeling and relocating A complete renovation of the upstairs Toyland/Furniture depart- ments is planned for the next se- veral months. Included in the project will be new floor cover- ings, drop ceiling and a fresh paint job. The furniture showroom will be enlarged and stock room facilities improved upon to provide a more adequate service for the custom- ers. During the remodeling period, which will last approximately six months from middle of this month, the merchandise formerly located in Toyland will be relocated to building T-631 (next to package store). A "Not-So-Grand Opening" is planned July 3 at 10 a.m. Patriots' fair to be held July 4 The "Patriots' Fair" will be held July 4 from 1 to 5 p.m. in Hangar 885. Anyone interested in providing a booth representing their organization, call Ens. Toni McLennan at 7688. Hobby center sponsors crafts fair The Hobby Center is sponsoring a Hobby Crafts Fair July 4 and 5 in the Hobby Center. Anyone in- terested in displaying a handcraft or hobby item may pick up an en- try form at the Hobby Center lo- cated next to the Viking Mall. The forms must be returned to the Hobby Center no later than Thurs- day. j Navy lodge takes reservations The Navy Lodge will begin ac- cepting reservations for the month of September on Monday. Tour office sets two tours This tour will lead through Hveragerdi, Selfoss and on to the Fljotshlid district, which is not- ed for its good climate and beau- tiful scenery. Then the tour con- tinues to Skogar where you will visit an interesting folk museum. The tour will depart from Vik- ing Mall June 28, Saturday, at 9 a.m. and will return at 8 p.m. The Tour Office will also be offering a trip to Dublin, Ire- land August 22 for a one week trip. For more information on ei- ther tour call the Tour Office at 4420/4200.


The White Falcon

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