The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 26.09.1980, Blaðsíða 2

The White Falcon - 26.09.1980, Blaðsíða 2
11: :00 THE FUGITIVE 7:00 12 :00 LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY 7:25 12 :30 LAST RESORT (adult) 7:50 12: :55 TRAPPER JOHN** 8:15 1; :45 HEE HAW 9:00 2: :35 RYAN'S HOPE (adult) 9:25 3: :00 GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) 9:50 3: :45 CONSUMER BUYLINE 10:15 4: •.10 SESAME STREET 10:40 5 :15 WOMAN'S WORLD—The 11:05 Midnight Sundowners 11:35 give a square dance 12:00 demonstration and Rochelle Wheeler, 2:15 local LACCO coordin- 3:30 ator, talks about 4:00 education. 5: :40 DONAHUE—Joan Swear-ingen discusses the energy situation. 6: :30 NEWS FOUR 7: :00 WHAT'S HAPPENING IN REYKJAVIK? 7:05 GRANDPA GOES TO WASHINGTON ** ~ Joe 4:45 Kelley, an honest and outspoken pro- 5:45 fessor of political 6:30 science, is forced 6:45 to retire at age 66. He runs for the Se- nate, wins, and goes to Washington pre- pared to be outspo- ken and honest in the Senate chamber. 7:40 (11 weeks) 8:30 7:55 WITH THE CONTENDERS 8:00 LOU GRANT — Rossi persuades Lou to lecture in his jour- nalism class for in- mates at prison, and Lou talks with pri- son officials in an effort to help pri- soners start their own newspaper. 8:55 LIFE AND TIMES 9:00 OF EDDIE ROBERTS 9:25 9:20 HAWAII FIVE-0--Stu- dents at a school for assassins plan a special welcome for an American oil mag- nate and an OPEC re- presentative arriv- ing on the island. 10:15 NEWS FOUR UPDATE 10:15 10:30 MOVIE: Testimony of 10:30 Two Men (adult-part 11:45 III)—In the con- cluding episode,John wins a round in his battle for antisep- tic operating condi- tions, unaware he's been accused of per- forming abortions. 12:10 MIDNIGHT SPECIAL 1:20 ACTION THEATRE 1:00 3:00 SIGN OFF NEWS 2:50 ROY ROGERS FLINTSTONES LAFF-A-LYMPICS CARTOON CARNIVAL STAR TREK CARTOONS* CHILDREN'S NOVELS FOR TELEVISION BIG'BLUE MARBLE FRACTURED FLICKERS OPEN HOUSE THEATER NATURE OF THINGS AMERICA'S TOP 10 NCAA FOOTBALL: Purdue vs Notre Dame PBA SUMMER TOUR GENTLE BEN WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS *—At the third an- nual Celebrity Pro- AM Ski Weekend, held at Lake Tahoe, host John Denver schedu- led some downhill and slalom skiing, with some personal- ities in the movie industry. JAMES MICHENER'S WORLD SOUL TRAIN NEWS FOUR PRIME TIME SATURDAY —Host Tom Synder interviews John Wil- liams composer of the music for the new Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back. CHIPS ARCHIE BUNKER'S PLACE*—A boyhood friend from Murray's old neighborhood has the proprietors of the bar on edge. He's a notorious kingpin of organized crime, and Murray is not sure his sur- prise visit is inno- cent. STOCKARD CHANNING CHARLIE'S ANGELS —The angels go back to college, and of- fer themselves as tempting bait after two sorority sisters mysteriously vanish. Charlie believes they have been ab- ducted into slavery. NEWS FOUR UPDATE SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE: One Man A- gainst the Organiz- ation—A con artist takes possession of a shipment of drugs worth over one mil- lion dollars. Stars Stephen Boyd, Howard Ross and Karen Schu- bert. WESTERN THEATER SIGN OFF NEWS 7:00 HOUR OF POWER 7:50 CHRISTOPHER CLOSEUP 8:20 SACRED HEART mm 8:35 SEA HUNT BmM 9:00 MOVIE: Lady 9:00 Hamilton 9:40 10:55 Sports Challenge 10:05 11:20 NFL Review and 10:55 Preview 11:20 12:15 NFL FOOTBALL: Houston vs Pitts- 11:50 burgh 12:50 2:35 SPORTS SPECIAL 1:45 3:00 THE FIGHTERS 2:35 4:45 JULIA 3:00 5:05 WILD KINGDOM 5:30 NOVA—New technology 3:45 now makes it possib- 4:10 le to manufacture 5:10 some genes. This 5:40 could mean that scientists may be getting out of con- trol in their gene research. Nova tries to answer this question. 6:30 NEWS FOUR 6:30 7:00 6:45 JOHN DENVER**-- Den- ver gathered his most famous songs to sing for his favor- ite audience. Tunes such as Rocky Moun- tain High, The Eagle and the Hawk, and Sunshine on My Shoulder. (esti- mated to run 8 weeks) 7:40 WALTONS—John-Boy leaves home for a short time to seek privacy while trying to write a short story—and finds himself in the awk- ward position of having to deliver a baby. 8:30 ROPERS—The antique clock Stanley gives Helen for an anni- versary present proves to have been stolen from the Brooke's apartment. 9:00 SZYSZNYK—The gang at the Community Center try to mas- querade as a street group—to get paid for a filmed inter- view. Everything works fine until Szysznyk walks in on the filming. 9:25 PARIS (adult) 10:15 NEWS FOUR UPDATE 10:30 FAMILY 11:20 BEST OF CARSON 12:35 SIGN OFF NEWS 7:55 8:00 8:50 9:15 11:25 BEVERLY HILLBILLIEl MY FAVORITE MARTIAN FORUM PRESENTS PETER GUNN HONEY WEST BILL MOYER'S JOURNAL Information special WALTONS PARIS (adult) RYAN'S HOPE (adult) GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) SUCCESS SESAME STREET ANDY GRIFFITH DONAHUE—Phil visits Miami, Florida to interview Anita Bryant and her hus- band-manager Bob Green. They dis- cuss their Christian mission. NEWS FOUR HEE HAW—Hee-hawing along with the regu- lars are Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius. WITH THE CONTENDERS WHITE SHADOW—Reeves and his team are in high spirits aft winning the sei finals basketb game—which alio' them the privilege to play Westmere for the city champion- ships. ALICE (adult)—When an Indian customer drops into the diner and orders only water, Mel and Alice are curious. How- ever, they soon learn he is there to die, and his Indian burial ground is under Mel's diner. MONDAY NIGHT FOOT- BALL: Dallas vs Washington NEWS FOUR UPDATE VARIETY SPECIAL: Dean Martin Roast —Suzanne Somers takes the barbs in this celebrity roast. Roasters in- clude her husband Alan Hamill; her former co-stars Audra Lindley and Norraon Fell. 12:15 SIGN OFF NEWS bea\o :ws ^m*.


The White Falcon

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