War News


War News - 29.06.1940, Blaðsíða 3

War News - 29.06.1940, Blaðsíða 3
WAR NEWS 3 Today's news in brie#: Arita, Japan’s Foreign Min- ister has made a broadcast speech and declared, that Japan is not going to tolerate that European powers, including Germany and Italy, further in- crease their influence in the Far East. Japan has declared block- ade along the entire Chinese coast from next Wednesday. As part of the coastline is near Hongkong it has been decided to move women and children from Hongkong. The first batch leaves Monday for Manila. The prospect of being removed has not caused alarm in Hongkong. Arita has told Sir Robert Craigie, British Ambassador in Tokio, that shipments of arms through Burma to China, must cease. General Weygand flew to Syria to influence General Mittelhausser to obey the Bord- eaux-govemment. The British Government has recognized De Gaulle as leader of all free Frenchmen who want to fight with the Allies. It was reported in Rome to- day, that Marshal Balbo, Gov- ernor of Libya, was killed in an air batlle, over Toubrouk Libya, between Italian and British planes. Wendell Willlcie Republican Presidential Candidate in U. S. A. The Republican Party Con- vention, which met in Phila- delphia, Penn., U. S. A., to no- minate a presidential candidate in the elections next autum, nominated Mr. Wendell L. Willkie. Only six polls were necessary. Mr. Dewey of New Jersey was decisively defeated. Mr. Dewey is an isolationist. Mr. Willkie has declared himself in favour in giving Britain all possible aid in the present struggle, short of actual parti- cipation in the war. Mr. Willkie, who is 48 years of age, joined the Republican party only 2 years ago. French Commander in Syria announces cessation of hostilities. The French commander in Syria has announced the cessa- tion of hostilities „but the French flag will continue to fly over Syria", he announces. All news items published in the WAR NEWS are supplied by Reykjavik Radio. Publisher: P>6r. B. GuSmundsson. Office: Steinddrsprent. Teleph. 1174


War News

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