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War News - 29.06.1940, Blaðsíða 2

War News - 29.06.1940, Blaðsíða 2
2 WAR NEWS glance suggests to observers, that Russian claims had been advanced in connivance with Germany and Italy. There is, however noted that there is no special novelty in Russian de- mands. It has long been re- cognized in diplomatic circles, that Russia had never foregone her claims to the lost province of Bessarabia. Although reports of additional claims for the delta of Danube are unconfirmed this also expresses her traditional wish as Black Sea power to con- trol outlet of the river which con- tributes so much to navigation and commerce of that sea. Russias ultimatum has natur- ally caused a stir in neighbour- ing countries, especially Bul- garia and Hungary. In these countries developments in Ro- mania are watched with anxi- ety. — It is pointed out, that if Romania has to cede Dobruja to Bulgaria Romania will be completely cut off from her sea- board, i. e. if the Russians con- trol other parts of the coast. Hungary has also claims on Romania. The Hungarians want revision of common frontier in Transylvania. It is understood that Nazi Germany which re- gards herself as friend of Hun- gary and has lately been openly acclaimed as such by Hungari- an statesmen has advised the government in Budapest not to press these claims too urgently at the moment. Later news confirm that a 23.000 tons Turkish battleship and 3 small warships have been ordered to the Black Sea for patrol duty on the Turkish Coast. Turkish planes are circl- ing over Instanbul. — It is also confirmed that troops have been called up in Turkey. German air raids on Britain. Germans bombers raided Britain again last night. Many of the bombers hurried home- wards when intercepted or after having hurriedly dropped their bombs. There was very small damage done in the raids. — During the last 10 days the Germans have made 7 night- raids on Britain, and used up to a 100 machines in each raid. In these raids 30 civilians have been killed and 130 wounded. — The Germans have lost 19 bombers and their crews either killed or taken prisoners. British bombers make contu- ally raids on military objects in Germany, especially oil refin- eries etc., seaplanebases in Hol- lands etc. Great damage has been done. — Wednesday and Thursday daylight raids were made on oil refineries near Bremen and Hannover.


War News

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