Daily News - 10.08.1940, Blaðsíða 2

Daily News - 10.08.1940, Blaðsíða 2
2 DAILY NEWS Gloster Gladiators shot down 15 Italian planes. The Italian planes outnumbered the British 2 to 1. — Two British planes are missing. — One German bomber was shot down over the North-East coast of Britain yesterday. — Thus 76 German and Italian planes were shot down during the day — which is nearly a record, — the biggest number of planes shot down in single day — or 78 — were shot down when the evacuation from Dunkuerque was at its height. Numerous air raids on Italian bases in Africa. London today. R.A.F.-planes have been very busy in Africa. The Italians are now beginning to feel the might of British airpower. — In an air raid on Tobrouk harbour in Libya a ship was set on fire. Home- ward bound the pilots saw the ship ablaze 20 miles away. — French airmen have assisted in an attack on Italian columns and lorries near Hargeisa, whence the Italians are now advancing towards the sea. K.A.F.-planes are constantly harassing the enemy. — A solitary olane from the Australian warship Hobarth has made a daring dive attack on the Italian base at Zeila in British Somaliland. Some damage was done and casualties in- flicted upon Italian soldiers. — South-African airmen bombed Neghelli and destroyed two Caponi-aircraft on the ground. Italian planes made an unsuccesful attack on British warships in the Bay of Aden. The Roumanian question. London yesterday. The Roumanian envoy has left Budapest to confer with his government. — The Hungarians appear to be optimistic, but opposition to cessation of more land is growing in Roumania. — Dr. Maniu, leader of the peasant party, is said to be willing to form a new govern- ment or take a seat in the present government. — Dr. Maniu is opposed to cede Tran- sylvania to the Hungarians. — There are many signs that Hitler is growing impatient, as no solution has yet been found.


Daily News

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