Daily News - 10.08.1940, Blaðsíða 3

Daily News - 10.08.1940, Blaðsíða 3
DAILY NEWS 3 News in brief: It was announced in London yesterday, that the British forces in Shanghai and North- China will be moved to British bases in Asia, where they are more needed. The flyingboat Clare, which recently flew from Eire to New- foundland, Montreal and New York, is now on its way back. A survey of American news- papers show that there is in- creased support in the U.S.A. for aid to Britain. Pershing’s proposal of placing 50 destroy- ers at the disposal of Britain is widely supported.Colonel Lind- bergh who is opposed to the idea is losing support and is branded as a Pro-German in some newspapers. Tension is increasing on acc- ount of the Japanese demands regarding French Indo-China. The view has been expressed that preservation of peace in the Far East depends on Anglo- British cooperation. There are better prospects of Russian-American Cooperation. Mr. Sumner Welles assistant secretary of state and the Russ- ian Ambassador in Washington had a long talk yesterday. Fierce fighting is reporting near the southgates of Peking. The Chinese base is said to be within 40 miles of Peking. U.S.A. sends naval observer to London. London today. The naval department in Washington has announced that Vice-Admiral Ghormley, Assist- ant Chief of Naval operations, will be sent to London as ob- server for the American govern- ment. He is to report on all new methods of naval warfare. Britain has 1000 ships sailing between U. S. A. and Britain. London today. Mr. Purvis, head of the Brit- ish Purchasing Commission, said yesterday, that Britain and her Allies had over 1000 ships sailing between Britain and America. — Britain has bought for over 600 million p. (incl. French purchase taken over). All news items published in the DAILY NEWS are supplied by Reykjavik Broadcasting Station Office: Steind6rsprent. Teleph. 1174. Kirkjustraeti 4. — Reykjavik.


Daily News

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