Sunday Post - 15.09.1940, Blaðsíða 1

Sunday Post - 15.09.1940, Blaðsíða 1
SUNDRY POST I — 3 Sunday, September 15th 1940 Price: 25 aurar Law Courts bombed. ---*_- Extensive raids on England. London, September 14th. London had four alarms to-day. The fourth raid was still going on at 6 p.m. and enemy planes were seen over the suburbs. People there saw a plane shot down in the London area. The three first warnings were fairly brief. The enemy have also been active over other districts. Reports from outside London suggest that they were mostly testing the defences in the south part of the country. Bombs were dropped in se veral places and one single raider went from town to town throwing incendi- ary and oil bombs. So far there is news of two enemy bombers having been shot down. The story of last night’s raid is much the same as on previous nights. Bombs were dropped indiscriminately over vari- ous districts, mostly in Southern, West and East London. There was damage to houses and industrial premises. Bombs were dropped on the Law Courts and the Lord Chancellors Court was extensively damag- ed. Many bombs were dropped in a resi- dential area in South London where many of London’s workers live. The anti-aircraft barrage again proved effective thanks to the new predictors. The new and secret method of prediction is being steadily improved. The balloon bar- rage has also been made more effective by a new method which is kept secret. The other area which received most at- tention from the Germans was South Wal- es. Some damages and casualties are re- ported. Attacks on enemy shipping in Channel ports. London, September 14th. Last night strong forces of the R.A.F. attacked enemy shipping at Calais, Bou- logne, Dunkirk and Antwerp. From Eng- land the whole French coast seemed to be on fire and the Kentish coast seemed to shake with the explosions. The R.A.F, also attacked a convoy off Zeebrugge and one ship exploded after a direct hit. German propaganda is busily spreading rumours of the intended invasion of Bri- tain, even giving the exact date, which however varies: one of them was yester- day. And yet there is an undertone of different kind in the German propaganda. This argument is that Britain can be brought to her knees by air raids and blockade.


Sunday Post

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