The Arctic Times - 01.10.1941, Blaðsíða 1

The Arctic Times - 01.10.1941, Blaðsíða 1
25 aurar. arctic No. 1 Friday, 10 October, 1941. Mr. ”B” and his Prognostications EDITORIAL. We should like to give you first of all an explanation of this, our first entry into the world of journalism. It is realized that once the, roads have become closed that we cannot expect to receive delivery of the various dailies or weeklies from other parts of the Island and that a paper of our own is the only way in which we can record our own doings and give our own bud- ding writers or artists a chance to see their efforts in print. We therefore produce this week our first number of the Arctic Times and hope that next week it will be full of in- teresting contributions from all over the area; contributions not cadged for or demanded but written of your own free will for the interest of your friends both here and at home. We want you to realize that although we write with the Editorial „WE“ that it is YOUR paper and that we want YOUR contributions, YOUR ideas, YOUR suggestions or criticisms and YOUR assistance. So do not be afraid to put your contribu- tions into an envelope, give them in to your office or order- ly room and ask for them to be forwarded to the Editors through the official mail. Your efforts will be regarded as Con- fidential and will be returned to you if requested. Contributions should reach us by Monday evenings for inser- tion in the next number but a constant flow of material is needed of items which can be held over for a later number if there is no room in any parti- cular week’s issue. It is hoped to produce a num- ber every Friday and it will be on sale at the N.A.A.F.I., in all Y.M.C.A. huts and in dispersed units. It may be sent home to England. The price depends on your- We are lucky enough to have the services of Mr. ,,B“, the world famous astrologist and crystal gazer, who has offered to give, free of charge his week- ly forecast on world affairs. Mr. „B“ has not only studied the stars for many years but has an intimate knowledge of the „great Pyramids“ whose prophecies have been true over many thousands of years. Mr. „B“ has not only correctly fore- casted the outbreak of the war to the very day and many other big events but can also tell you with minute accuracy when the next mail is due to arrive and when one is due to receive ones next „leave or fur- lough“. So if you are ever in doubt about these things just write to him, (address, Marlborough Camp), and he will publish your reply in the next number of the paper. Here is his first message from the stars and we know that you will appreciate his kindness in giving away these valuable se- crets. What the Stars Foretell. There are many signs to show that during OCTOBER/NO- VEMBER Neptune influences Germany. Critical days are therefore ahead for the Hitler regime, and internal trouble may be expected. You should not be alarmed when I tell you that the Pyra- mids predict a state of unrest in the world until 1953. The new order of things will certainly take 12 years to evolve. But as I see it. the war itself should be nearing its end by December 1941. selves. More and better contri- butions mean a better paper which means a better circula- tion which means a cheaper price. So it’s up to YOU. If the war is to end in 1941, then there is no likelihood of British troops leaving Icelund in the near future. The eclipse of the Sun during September did not influence the; world in any way, or the war. The weather will be cold with frost towards the end of the week. Monday 13th Oct. Owing' to the sign of Scorpio crossing the Date Line, the out look for Monday is very dull. Corres- pondence should be kept down to a minimum. A bad day for having your letters censored. Tuesday 14th Oct. Mars predo- minates. A day on which mail may be expected — oíficial mail that is. O.Rs should re- read their last letter in anti- cipation of more to come, la- ter in the week. Wednesday 15th Oct. Those born under the sign of Libra are advised to avoid feminine company today. They should follow more intellectual pur- suits. Thursday 16th Oct. Venus (the star of love) favours W.Os and Sergeants to-day who should take advantage of the facilities made possible by a tall fair man of importance. Friday 17th Oct. All the signs of the Zodiac point to better financial conditions. O.Rs should accept all money of- fered thém to-day. Send off your other green envelopes. Within a „two“ you should receive another one, Saturday 18th Oct. A good day for officers. Lucky number „12“. An exellent day for mixing with the fair sex. O. Rs should get their letters censored later on in the day. (Continued on page 2). i See Page 3 for our Competifton. Meisage from fhe Garrison Commander. In starting „The Arctic Times“ it is not my object to provide a rival to any existing paper in lceland run by the Forces, but to fill the gap which winter conditions cause by making pa- pers from elsewhere out of date, and lacking interest in consequence, as no local news can be sent in time for inclu- sion except after a considerable time lag. In addition I hope that this paper will be a real interest to ali in the Sector and that du- ring the winter months amuse- ment may be caused for many of the Garrison in Editing run- ning and contributing to each issue. Bearing this in mind I hope that all ranks will support it, not only by purchasing co- pies but by adding to its inte- rest and amusement, Volun- teers have come forward to 'push the boat out, but we need many more hands to keep it afloat. It is starting in a hurry but I hope that each number will improve, form an interesting memento of this winter and that when we leave Iceland „The Arctic Times“ will have become a permanent feature of life in the North of Iceland. So Good Luck, good news and good reading to your own pa- per „The Arctic Times“. NOTICE. This is YOUR paper. We want your articles, notices, suggestions, criticisms and help. Give them to your Company or other Comman- der and ask him to forward it through the official mail to he Editors, Marlborough Carnp. The paper may be sent home. Editors: Capt. B. L. Kentish. Q.M.S. C. L. Bustard. Printed by: Oddur Björnsson. WE WANT YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS.


The Arctic Times

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