Lögberg-Heimskringla - 24.09.1999, Page 6

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 24.09.1999, Page 6
6 • Lðgberg-Heimskringla « Friday 24 September 1999 K.N. Júlíus honoured Hulda Yelic (Edmonton, AB), Kristjan Niels Julius Bjamason (Gimli, MB) and Ninna Campbell (Winnipeg, MB). Their parents were Ingolfur and Imba Bjarnason from Gimli, MB. (Imba was K .N. Júlíus ’s niece). Photo courtesy Ninna Camphell Christine Hall (nee Geir) was the youngest of the Geir family with whom K. N. Júlíus lived for many years in Mountain, N.D. The following is her address delivered at the rededication ceremony of the K. N. Júlíus monument at Mountain N.D. on Monday August 2. Christine Hali Mountain, ND President Grímsson, dear friends who are gath- ered here to honour the memory of K. N. Júlíus. I am the oldest ofthe Geir family where K. N. had his home for forty years. I’ve been asked to say a few words about the K. N. we knew and loved. It is in look- ing back that we have coirie to realize how privileged we were that through all our growing up years we had him in our midst, and how much our lives were enriched. We knew he was a well-known poet, but little did we dream he would one day be deemed a literary giant. To us he was just K. N. He had his special place at the dining table, his special rocking chair in the front room and upstairs he had the south room. An endearing trait of his was his love for chil- dren. In thinking about this I’ve come to realize that this special love he lavished on two generations of Geir chiidren. When he first came here my grand- mother was a widow with four children. Ours was a family of eleven. There are no words to tell of his loving kindness, his patience and gentleness. It was so usual that the toddler in the family was perched on his knee. The little verses he wrote about us we cher- ish. I have many memories of people who came to our home to visit him. Those he enjoyed very much. Throughout his life he gave so much of himself. The work he did was hard work. He helped with chores, he woiked in the harvest field, he built chim- neys, he dug the graves, I’ve wondered how many, and some in the dead of winter. And when there was work to be done, he was always there. Not only with hard work did he give of himself but also with his loving kindness and his warm friendship. He helped my grandmother survive through unspeakable grief and hardship. I think she became a sort of a mother figure in his life. He came to America at the age of eight- een, having lost his own mother at a young age. I was often aware of the depth of his feelings, how deeply he sympathized with those who were hurt or grieving. I remember K. N.’s tears when grandmother died. I also remember my own tears when after he had passed away, I was going through some papers that had come from his room. There I came upon a poem he had written at the time of her death. His own grief was expressed, but he didn’t just moum for himself, but for all of us. This was so typical of him, this depth of feeling and concem for others. K. N.’s legacy of course, is his poetry. But speaking for my siblings and myself, our dearest wish is that he also be remembered for the very spe- cial person he was. We all remember him with much affection. There aren’t words to say thank you to all who have made this restoration and re-dedication possi- ble. I will ask God’s blessings on the memory of K. N. Júlíus, the poet and the ffiend. 777 Stínu litlu Geir eftir K. N. Júlíus Síðan fýrst ég sá þig hér, sólskin þarf ég minna. Gegnum lífið lýsir mér Ijósið augna þinna. Hecla Continued from page I Grimolfson, and Captain Einar Magnusson. Other familiar names are Louis Benson, Aussie Grimolfson, Halli Eastman, and Gunnar Tomasson. Captain Doll, as well as Paul Paulson, Bennie Sigurgeirson, and the families of Grimsi, Aussie, and Louis provided the information and photographs for the creation of the interpretive signs that you see here today. This is a signifcant occasion for all of us, and*gives us the opportunity to celebrate and remember the history of the Hecla Island Ferry through this wonderfúl mterpretive display. It was twenty-three years ago when I was honoured to be the master of cer- emonies at the Hecla Island centennial ceremonies, when I said, “Hecla will never die. The community may go down in number, but Hecla will never die in our hearts. We will always remember.” Through tlus commemorative dis- play we will remember, and our chil- dren and many Manitobans and visitors to Hecla Island will have the oppoituni- ty to leam about our heritage and our history. As printed on one of the displays, May, 1971 marked the beginning of the end for the Hecla Island Ferry service. Work began on a causeway that linked Hecla to the mainland. The causeway was built not to service the residents of the island but for the benefit of the eveigrowing number of tourists want- ing to visit the newly created Hecla Provincial Park. Today, Hecla has found new life as a tourism destination and resort. As we look to the fúture, Canada and Manitoba are working together with our communities on an exciting proposal to develop the Manitoba Lowlands National Paik, which may include a portion of Hecla-Grindstone. As we know, time does not stand still and the Manitoba Lowlands proposal presents many possibilities and oppor- tunities forthe fúture of Hecla Island. On behalf of the Minister and Manitoba Natural Resources I want to thank and congratulate everyone David Tomasson and others look on at the cutting of the ribbon at Hecla Island. Photo: Harley Jonasson involved in oiganizing this special ded- ebrate this special moment with us. ication ceremony to commemorate the As well, on behalf of the Minister I history of the Hecla Island Ferry want to wish everyone a happy Crossing. I thank you for coming to cel- Canada’s Parks Day. <ti6 ii- nnh* rh* x.m wir Tií'hitiíi mri u w&tnr Hiitriíiim iit nm \ riri 'ní'hitinHi-



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