The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 25.01.1980, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 25.01.1980, Blaðsíða 1
Keflavik, Iceland Volume 23, Number 4 January 25, 1980 News briefs Wagoner chosen for Brig. Gen. The U.S. Air Force announced this week that President Jimmy Carter has nominated Colonel Paul D. Wagoner, Commander Air Forces Iceland, to the U.S. Senate for appointment to the temporary grade of Brigadier Gen- eral. More details of Col. Wagon- er's promotion will appear at a later date or as available. W-2 forms delayed The Navy Finance Center has de- layed preparation of W-2 forms un- til mid-January. It is anticipated that they will be mailed in time for distribution on Jan. 30 payday. MAIL dispatch reduced Due to a reduction in frequency of current Icelandic Airline flights both to and from New York, U.S. mail will only be dispatched to New York on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Non-residency deadline Military members claiming legal residence in New York, New Jersey, and Oregon who are claiming non- residency for state tax purposes are reminded that nonresidency certifi- cates must be reaccomplished annual- ly during the month of January. Contact the Disbursing Office for more details. NAVFAC AWARDED GOLDEN ANCHOR—On hand as a touch of gold is added to Nav- Fac's Anchor are (back row left to right) OTCM Marshall Pittman, MCPOC; Career Counselor Alan Hortz; and NavFac's Commanding Officer, Cdr. R.T. Porter. Applying the paint (left to right) are Seabees UT3 Ken Gerbert and BU3 Ed Ludovici. See story on page 2. (Photo by Naval Station Photo Lab) 1979 retention rates are mixed The reenlistment rates for all units in Air Forces Iceland for cal- endar year 1979 are: First term Airmen had 23 reenlisted out of 59 eligible or 38.9 percent. Career Airmen had 86 reenlisted out of 89 eligible or 96.6 percent. The reenlistment figures for Ice- land Defense Force (for Navy enlist- ed only) during calendar year 1979 are: First termers had two reen- listed out of four eligible or 50 percent. The average number of en- listed naval personnel located at this command in 1979 was 21. Naval Security Group Activity's reenlistment rates for calendar year 1979 are: First termers had 11 re- enlisted out of 21 eligible or 52.4 percent. Second termers had three reenlisted out of three or 100 per- cent. Third termers had six eli- gible and all six reenlisted or 10'? percent. Career over 20 years in the service had three eligible, and they chose to retired. Detailers play a prime retention role by encouraging people to use the Guard III program. The majority of first termers used this program. About 10 percent of Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA) reenlisted at one time in April 1979. The average number of personnel onboard NSGA for 1979 was 95. When reenlisting most people chose the following criteria in order of priority: job satisfac- tion, Guard III program, and SRB. Naval Station's reenlistment rates for 1979 were: First termers had 20 percent of the eligible per- sonnel reenlist. Second termers had 40 percent of those eligible reen- list, and career personnel with over ten years in the Navy had a 75 per- cent reenlistment rate. The reenlistment figures for U.S. Naval Communication Station, Kefla- vik, Iceland for calendar year 1979 were: First termers had five reen- listed out of 31 eligible or 16 per- cent. Career personnel had 11 reenlisted out of 12 eligible or 92 percent, see retention - page 3 On the Inside: NavFac's Golden Anchor - page 2 Relax at the library - pages 4 Sports - pages 6 & 7 & 5


The White Falcon

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