The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 16.05.1980, Blaðsíða 3

The White Falcon - 16.05.1980, Blaðsíða 3
Mav 16. 1980 The White Falcon Page 3 Radiothon con't from page 1 The big pledges for prime time music kept rolling in all during the radiothon with $505 from Patrol Squadron 46 to dedicate "The Slime" by Frank Zappa to the Marines. "Only Women Bleed" went out to the Navy from the Marines. A little la- ter, the Marine Corps Hymn was bump- ed by a pledge to have the same song played at 78 rpm. With all of this going on, the requests were steadily coming in and the music was flowing. The sum of money pledged for the first two days was $2,000. On the third day, a requester dared to hear, at the tune of $50 the Recreation Department sing "It's the Real Thing." One of the most unusual requests and challenges of the radiothon was that of "Whits Christmas" done by Chaplain Murray and friends. In conjunction with Radiothon '80, other events were organized, such as the NAVFAC Walk-A-Thon, the USO's pepper and pickle eating con- tact, and the Navy vs. Air Force bowling contest. The Air Force took the first game and had a commanding lead of 70 pins. But the Navy never gave up the ship and came back in the second ame. From there on, the Navy was oiling right along. The final game elonged to the Navy, bat was it enough to make up a 70 pin lead? Final score: Air Force - 2637, Navy - 2642. The Air Force team paid the Navy Relief pledges as was initiallj agreed upon. Bumping of songs seemed to be the favorite pasttime of many indivi- duals during the radiothon. If you requested a song, and someone didn't like your music, all that had to be done was to match your pledge plus $5, and the song would be bumped. Of course to bump a song at the top of the hour or at the quarter hour would be Quite expensive. OKE OF THE MANY CHALLENGES—dtiring Radiothon 80 was to CTM1 Marty Prater (left) and J02 Kevin Clarke who sang the "Woof Woof" -song. (theto by J03 Pat Del Grosso) The last pledge was received at 5 p.m. on the second of May with a total of $14,861.37 pledged to Navy Relief and Air Force Assistance Fund. Radiothon '80 had surpassed the 1979 radiothon total of $11,599 with 28 hours left. When all the totals were in, Radiothon '80 had topped last year's mark by $4,181.37. Disc jockeys for the Radiothon were Don Phelps, Kevin Clarke, Steve Johnson, Marty Prater, Sam Spear, Wayne Amann, Skip Groce, Rob Belew, Steve Blalock, Gene Babbel, Russ Stresing, and Kathy Schoenlein. The telephones were manned 24 hours a day by NATO Base organiza- tions and groups. With their help, the pledges were written down and fni-Mfll-HpH ffi <-h» rcrnrd HVirarv.__and. then on co the disc jockey to be played. Volunteers manning the phones were from AWACCS Women's Club, Air Force Sergeants Association, AIMD Department, Rockville Rockers, 57th FIS Wives Club, Windbreaker Wives Club, Grindavik Green Machine, Navy Relief Society, Beta Sigma Phi So- rority, NAVC0MSTA Women. Fleet Re- serve Association and the Keflavik's Women's Bowling Association. Other volunteers included John Checkley, Mike Pennick, Mary Reed, Robin Bla- lock, and Nancy Treatkill. "Radiotzhon '80 was a large suc- cess due to the spirit of the NATO Base residents. We would not have been able to do it by ourselves," said Don Phelps, Radio Station Mana- ger. AWARD CEREMONY—(left to right) PHI M. Villalpando, TMC R. Roots and SKCS S. Robinson were honored in a ceremony in Capt. T.J. Keene's of- fice last week. PHI Villalpando was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal, TMC Roots received $300 for his ben- eficial suggestion titled "Dye for Exercise Head MK-85" and SKCS Robin- son was awarded the Navy Commenda- tion Medal. (Photo by Naval Station Photo Lab)


The White Falcon

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